Article: Fun @ Work is important: Basab Bordoloi

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Fun @ Work is important: Basab Bordoloi

Basab Bordoloi, Vice President - HR, Admin & Corp Affairs Jubilant Foodworks (Dominos Pizza Division)

We have a company of 15000+ employees, with an average age of 24 years. To engage and make them connected with the organization, we have many components/policies, which are non-cash in nature. To manage our young team members, we imbibe a culture of openness and transparency and many informal ways of interaction in their day-to-day job at the workplace. To achieve the same, we conduct many fun-based activities, wherein people from the topmost level to the bottom, get involved with each other and go beyond their hierarchy in terms of doing activities and the senior people become team members (Executor) and the juniors become captains/leaders.

The context of such initiatives brings a lot of bonding amongst the employees at the workplace and promotes a sense of belongingness with the company, job or boss, which finally helps in terms of retaining and engaging.

Such activities are promoted across the workplaces/business units on a frequent basis and this year so far, we have already conducted 200+ activities till date.

Confluence is an annual event, which is celebrated in our organization in the corporate office between the months of September to October every year. During these two months, 6 to 7 days are dedicated to different themes (in 2011 we had the village theme, discovery of India, etc.). Employees are divided in different teams and interestingly they show the highest level of energy on the floor to compete with each other, through activities like games, role plays, skits, quizzes, antakshari, team building exercises, etc. The last day is called the Grand Finale on which we take our employees and their families to a five star resort for a night’s residential holiday, where lots of activities are done, including cultural activities by the employees and their family. It is a fantastic way to extend thanks to the employee’s family on behalf of the company. This activity is restricted to the employees and families of the corporate office staff only.

Young Domino’s Fiesta is another unique celebration, which is celebrated at the corporate office and all regional offices and is dedicated to the employee’s children and spouse. They are invited to participate in painting competitions, fastest pizza making competition, magic shows for the children, etc. Such activities create a strong emotional bond between the organization and employees along with their families.

At the end of every year, we conduct National FIDA in which all the store managers and employees gather for an annual meet. This gathering has lots of fun and last year we took all our employees to Phuket, for a 4 days and 3 nights trip.

In 2010, we launched Fun@WORK policy, under which all the stakeholders are expected to do at least two fun activities in a year. At the end of every year, all the stakeholders are required to submit a case synopsis on these activities, which are evaluated by the CEO and Head HR, and the top 10 best activities are awarded at the National Forum with huge reward money!!!

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