Article: Rapid fire with Steven Murray: On becoming a destination employer brand

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Rapid fire with Steven Murray: On becoming a destination employer brand

Steven Murray, Head (Global) People Development, Zomato, who will be speaking at the People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2019 shares his ideas.
Rapid fire with Steven Murray: On becoming a destination employer brand

Steven Murray is the Global Head of Recruitment and People Development at Zomato.  His current focus is on attracting talent, building leadership & cultural values and leading internal initiatives to make Zomato an 'employer of choice'. He is tasked with thinking about Zomato's people and what they will be doing to attract talent and keep talent 5 years from now. 

As a warm up to the People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2019, he shares his ideas in a rapid-fire round. Steven will be speaking at this year's conference about building a destination employer brand and the innovative approaches used by Zomato. His ideas focus on improving the employee experience by creating a culture that people will love. 

Here’s what he had to share:

Biggest challenge CEOs face today

The speed at which companies and people expect to grow.

The biggest challenge for CHROs today

Working with business to meet performance objectives whilst maintaining healthy eco-systems for the people in them. 

What future HR department will look like

HR departments will be tech-enabled marketing machines that provide people insights to the business. 

One thing HR pros aren’t doing right

They need to work harder at understanding the businesses they are in and how to communicate in a tone people naturally associate with. 

One innovation that will change the future of work

Understanding what your employees organically advocate will help you assess what they want and what will make you a great place to work.

Best thing we can expect about the future of jobs

Opportunities will change and we will see new industries develop.

What makes the majority of employees disengaged at work

Lack of challenge and the feeling of growth and development.

Biggest roadblock employees encounter in the workplace today

Knowing how to apply self-learning. 

One advice for employers to improve the employee experience

Keep it simple and engaging. Don’t be excessively creative and solve your people's most practical problems. 

One advice for employers to improve the onboarding experience

Engage. The time between leaving your last company and joining a new one is filled with excitement and questions about having made the right choice. Make sure that they know they have made a good choice. 

One tip to create a great work culture that people will love

Hire for culture above skill. Make sure that those who will be coming in are already aligned to your culture. 

One advice to employers to become destination employer brand

Make sure that you are thinking about people and not employees. Your company needs to think about who people are at work and at home,in order to create an environment that accommodates a person holistically. 

What makes a company the best place to work

Great culture.

How highest-performing companies shortlist candidates

Culture -> Experience->Skill

One step employers should take on diversity and inclusion

Leaders need to take a bold and aggressive stance. It does not take excessive planning to set a goal and align around it quickly. 

One must-read book for CHROs and HR leaders

Negotiating = Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Best book you ever read

The monk who sold his Ferrari 

One leader you closely follow and one hallmark of that leader

Deepinder Goyal – Intellectual Honesty.

One thing that makes you happy about what you do

Developing people to be the best versions of themselves. 

Best advice you ever got

To not plan so excessively and spend more time executing. 


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