Article: Top reasons to not miss People Matters EX Conference 2021!

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Top reasons to not miss People Matters EX Conference 2021!

People Matters EX Conference 2021 is coming to your screens on 10th June 2021! Here are top reasons why you should not miss out on India’s largest & most influential EX Conference and reboot experience in an uncertain world.
Top reasons to not miss People Matters EX Conference 2021!

2020 was a year where organizations had to seriously relook at employee experience. It was a year that redefined their outlook towards EX in a big way, forcing them to tune up and listen empathetically to employees and act fast.

While 2021 has started with the authorization and dissemination of the first COVID-19 vaccines, it is safe to say we are not going to the old ways of working anytime soon. This means organizations have a chance to seriously relook at the culture they are building and the experience they are going to deliver in the second year of the pandemic.

Which means- what is next for employee experience? How can we redefine it for our new world of work, a big part of which has transitioned to hybrid work? How do we revise the EVP to keep pace with our changed reality in order to achieve organizational growth and success?

It is these questions the People Matters EX Conference 2021 will look at-how do we reboot Employee Experience and tune-up for success in our changed world of work as EX takes center stage in a world going hybrid at a fast pace.

We give you top reasons why you cannot afford to miss the People Matters EX Conference 2021 on your screens this time!

1. Agenda Focused on tuning up EX for outcomes: This year’s theme, ‘The power of EX in an uncertain world’ will inspire the community to figure out how organizations and businesses can leverage experience at the core of their business strategies to rethink employee experience for recovery, growth, and success in our new and yet uncertain world of work.

2. Reboot EX with our speakers: Jacob Morgan, Bestselling author, keynote speaker, and trained futurist, Future of Work; Jared Sparto, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft; Amanda Hume, Head of Change Management, HP; Lisa Bodell, Globally Recognized Expert on Innovation and Leading Change; Kevin Freitas, CHRO, Dream Sports; Laura Cole, Head of HR Digital Service & Employee Experience, Standard Chartered Bank; Anu Mathew, Chief People Officer, Pine Labs, Rituparna Dasgupta, Talent & Development Leader, Intuit are some of many powerhouse speakers joining us. 

3. Experience New Formats: As we reinvent employee experience in an uncertain world, we are also reinventing experience at the conference. Besides the usual power panel, thought-provoking keynotes, and practical case studies, invigorating Mindfulness Sessions and Speaker Rooms for a focused discussion are some of the new formats at People Matters EX Conference 2021.

4. Virtual Platform, Real Conversations: Building networks is one but the ability to have a One-2-One is a different ball game. On the People Matters EX Virtual Platform, you can set up a One-2-One video meeting with anyone in your connected network to initiate meaningful conversations.

5. Virtual Expo Zone: Put up the best show in your expo with your brand or product video, best practices, success stories and manage visitors' queries or product demos via your business representatives

6. 20+ sessions of Insightful Content: The EX Conference enables you access to over 20+ hours of powerful keynotes, best practices & case studies delivered on your screens with careful curation of sessions from the world’s most acclaimed thought leaders. 

7. Experience on the Go! If you are working from home and your laptop screen is busy with your office work, don’t worry, the People Matters EX Conference is available on mobile as well. You will get a dedicated conference App to build your network and conversations on the go.

This is where the world of experience comes together! There will be more than 2,000 CHROs, Heads of Culture, L&D Heads, Engagement Heads, C&B Reward Heads, and Employee Experience Heads under one platform to connect with and build your business opportunities. Join us for India’s biggest employee experience conference! 


Know more about what’s new in employee experience at the People Matters Employee Experience India Conference on 10th June, 2021. Register Now!

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