Article: Building an unstoppable partnership

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Building an unstoppable partnership

It is crucial to ensure that we bring in the crucial human touch at the right junctions the partnership of humans and machines will deliver by far the best outcomes.
Building an unstoppable partnership

While technology will substantially transform the world for the better, the best outcomes will still require a combination of Tech and Touch.

These are indeed interesting times, especially in the world of L&D. There was a time when almost all learning was based on human interaction … and then technology, of all sorts, came along. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, e-learning and mobile learning began to blend with classroom learning and so tech and touch became the norm. In this decade, MOOCs and virtual labs became the norm… but here we are, now wondering whether it will be only tech and no touch. My own view is that while technology will substantially transform the world of learning for the better, the best learning outcomes will still require a combination of ‘Tech and Touch’.  Companies are now increasingly realizing the significant benefits of leveraging digital learning like being agile and rapidly modifying curriculum to keep pace with business change; personalizing learning to address the specific learning styles of individual learners; the scale benefits of digital learning acros...
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