Article: Team alignment is a byproduct of effective communication


Team alignment is a byproduct of effective communication

The core team of an organization needs to be aware of what the organization is doing and why it is doing it; thus, effective communication is paramount
Team alignment is a byproduct of effective communication
When it comes to the biggest reason why all organizations fail to deliver, it all boils down to one thing, and that is — communication. It is scientifically proven that the product an organization makes is a direct reflection of the communication architecture that the organization has. If there are communication channels that are free flowing and regular, whether up-to-down or down-to-up, and there is transparency in communication, alignment is a natural byproduct. People are more than willing to rally against something if they don’t agree with it and if that is the only decisive way that it is being done. It only falters when people think that there is no way out.   The onus of establishing the communication architecture lies only with the founder and the founder should be the one who sets the culture of effective communication. There are several ways to do it. What we do at nearbuy, for instance, is start with “All hands” where everyone gets together an...
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Topics: Culture, Employee Relations, #TeamAlignment

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