Article: Engaging people during transformation: Thriving in the future of work

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Engaging people during transformation: Thriving in the future of work

Successfully transforming organizations is about making them more digitally enabled and more human at the same time.
Engaging people during transformation: Thriving in the future of work
While the whole concept of “disruption” has become somewhat cliché, there is no doubt that digitization and robotic automation are actually transforming businesses. In fact, in the latest Mercer Talent Trends1 report, more than 90 percent of C-level leaders stated that they are planning to redesign their organizations in order to boost productivity. In line, many researchers2 are predicting that workforces will need huge skills shifts to maintain their relevance and contribution as transactional work is eliminated and more relationship and expertise-driven roles emerge.  Technological progress isn’t a new phenomenon though. The World Economic Forum suggests that we are now in our fourth industrial revolution, each one defined by significant shifts in technology & productivity. Yet, it is the pace at which current changes seem to be influencing work and jobs which has organizations and people on edge. People crave consistency and predictability &ndas...

Topics: Engagement During Change, Employee Engagement

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Amid this new business imperative called EX, organizations are increasingly directing their focus on enhancing not only the professional prospects of their workforce but also their employees’ cumulative professional experience and creating that 'aha' moments. In this issue, we take a look at the right mix of physical, digital and emotional experiences that can help organizations elevate the employee experience, and more importantly the roadblocks that organizations face to create a home-away-home.

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