Article: Talent and growth in the Indian SME sector


Talent and growth in the Indian SME sector

From large organizations to small & medium businesses how is the HR landscape and frames of references different? People Matters Small and Medium Enterprises HR Landscape Study 2017 explores the evolving trends of Talent Management practices in the Indian SME sector.
Talent and growth in the Indian SME sector
Today, human capital management does not rely on the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy. This is because talent-related decisions in today’s context rely on a plethora of factors like company size, diversity of workforce, transforming employee expectations among many other critical factors. Business and HR leaders of small and medium-sized companies have their own unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to managing talent, which may not be always seen in conventional large organizations. Most small and medium enterprises in their initial phases of growth often do not have clearly defined people management practices and roles, and rely on non-formalized, temporary or existing resources to carry out HCM processes such as recruitment, learning and development and performance management.Coupled with this, SMEs are often financially constrained that in turn restricts them in designing effective solutions for long-term talent management and related ...
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