Article: Automation's positive impact on jobs at Oxigen

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Automation's positive impact on jobs at Oxigen

Here is how automation helped Oxigen, a financial technology company, to set up and standardize its virtual business and enhance efficiency
Automation's positive impact on jobs at Oxigen
The first level of automation at Oxigen was of its business platform itself. The money flow chain for trade advance & new retail acquisition was completely automated and that is the reason the company has been able to create 200,000 touch points pan India with retailers. Being a virtual company, Oxigen has been able to penetrate the market despite having a small workforce size when it began and today has accumulated a customer base of 150 million users. Oxigen is a financial technology company but it started as a payment solution provider where the processes were fairly manual. The company treaded the path of automating its back-end processes and has been working towards removing manual dependency to increase efficiency. As the organization evolved, it has focused mainly on automating and standardizing processes that were manual in nature. Here are some of the back-end processes the company has automated and the impact that this transition has had on the workforce and the busine...
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