Article: Employee Experience and Engagement in the age of AI - Insights from CHRO Roundtable Part 1

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Employee Experience and Engagement in the age of AI - Insights from CHRO Roundtable Part 1

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At a CHRO roundtable held in Mumbai, leading HR practitioners shared ideas on how to navigate talent management in the age of AI
Employee Experience and Engagement in the age of AI - Insights from CHRO Roundtable Part 1

The Oracle Impact for Business Summit was held in Mumbai on September 26th, 2018. Leading Indian companies shared how innovative technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain are being employed to address the challenges of HR, finance, and more. On the sidelines of this conclave, People Matters invited 11 top HR leaders in the region to discuss how technology is changing how the workforce is being managed.


Impacting employee experience & engagement through AI, the ICICI Bank way

Amitabh Singh, General Manager, HR, ICICI Bank shared how ICICI bank is leveraging AI to impact experience and engagement at ICICI Bank.

Being an organization of young people, there is a high demand for transfer at the bank. So HR managers in the bank receive most of their calls bordering on the issue of transfers. While the bank has a transfer system, post putting a request in the system, candidates have a tendency to follow up on emails and calls to know the status. After not receiving a response in three days, they normally escalate the issue. 

This was quite a bother for the HR because despite doing their best, they were deluged by data. First, they had to figure out who is the person who wants the transfer and secondly look at the recruitment system, to figure out if it’s possible. It was a very manual process which involved the HR manager calling the recruitment officer of the desired location to figure out if there is a vacancy. Many a time the recruitment officer had a vacancy which he would close with an external person as the HR manager’s request for internal transfer came late. So while there was information, but not having access to it in time, affected transfers.

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Identifying your Employee Experience and Engagement challenges in the age of AI

A workshop session was led by - Hardeep Singh, Head of HCM Applications Strategy, India, at Oracle Corporation and Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters. Here’s a list of top challenges highlighted by leaders:

  1. A shift in mindset: Treating employees as 'end users' and providing them with an impactful 'experience', and in that process evolving from a 'service' mindset to a 'product' mindset.

  2. In a business context with high attrition and high recruitment, how do we ensure that we are hiring people who would be “productive” for the organization in a short time span? And if they do so, how do we know that they would stick on the organization for a meaningful period of time?

  3. Employee experience may mean different things to the employee and the employer because it is understood from different vantage points. How can you ensure better alignment?

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The future of technology is now: Oracle’s Satya Prasad

Opening the Impact 2018 Conference, Oracle’s Satya Prasad – Vice President, Application Sales for India set the context by talking about how technologies are dramatically transforming the experience.

Prasad spoke about how Adidas partnered with ‘Carbon 3D’ to deliver a unique offering to their customers: A custom sole and a 3D printed shoe – based on the data that was collected from customers in their store. A first-of-its-kind mass-market 3D printed shoe, which effectively converted the store into a factory.

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How Hindalco Industries embarked on its digital transformation journey

Digital transformation has swept the world in all possible ways today. The changes are happening at a rapid pace and there is no time to think and decide one’s reactions. One has to simply adopt and adapt. Having taken very careful and effective steps, Hindalco Industries has a story worth telling about their journey of digital transformation. 

Hindalco Industries Ltd., an aluminum and copper manufacturing company, is a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group. The company has annual sales of US$ 15 billion and employs around 20,000 people. It is one of the world's largest aluminum rolling companies and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminum in Asia.

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