Article: Here’s a list of 20 funded HR tech startups

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Here’s a list of 20 funded HR tech startups

HR tech startups are redefining the online hiring system in India and investment on these firms is booming. Let us have a look at some of the interesting HR tech startup companies of India which have been backed up by investors but not denoting any ranking.
Here’s a list of 20 funded HR tech startups

There is a lot of buzz of digital transformation, analytics enveloping HR world. With the dawn of technology, HR companies today have created a wide array of products, with the infusion of both software and hardware to make the complete HR processes a smooth and affordable. There is a tool for everything starting from recruitment, talent management, employee self-service, gauging engagement and productivity and even enhancing corporate health and wellness. HR tech start-ups have gained considerable momentum with the active role of investors in the space.  Over the years, leading venture capitalists have invested over INR 1000 crore in the promising HR start-up segment. 

Having witnessed the changing landscape of the industry, we decided to compile a list of HR tech startup companies in India from the year 2012-2016 spearheaded by investors in different categories who have plateaued funding in the HR tech startup space. 

Recruitment Search Platform: With the increase in number of startups in the consumer internet space, there arises a demand for qualified talents to quench the vacancies. Here comes the role of companies who are moving towards online hiring platform for getting quality talent. Analytic engines and social networking are being implemented which makes the recruitment process faster thus reducing manual effort.

  • Aasanjobs:  Founded in 2014 by IIT Bombay alumni Dinesh Goel, Kunal Jadhav and Gaurav Toshniwal based in Mumbai this is an online job portal for blue collared and white collared workers in India. The company was in the talk of securing Rs 35 crore funding. 

  • Sheroes: Started in the year 2014 by an IMT business graduate Sairee Chahal with the aim to create job opportunities for women. Sheroes raised an amount of Rs 12 crore from Lumis Partners recently this year. 

  • Zwayam: Bangalore based Zwayam was founded by Nicel KM and Joseph John in 2015. It runs an online recruitment platform targeting small and medium businesses under the same brand name. This firm raised around Rs 1.7 crore in seed investment from a bunch of unnamed angel investors. 

  • Hiree:  Hiree was launched in 2014 by ex-Yahoo employees Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Khasnis and raised a follow up series A round of INR 18 crores from IDG Ventures.

  • Belong: Founded in 2014 by BITS alumnus Vijay Sharma, this Bangalore data driven recruitment solutions raised a funding amount of $5M by Blume Ventures and Matrix Partners. 

  • Bevy Talent: Founded in 2014, by Luke Walton with a fund of $693K.

  • JobSpire: Curated Bevy Talent platform for recruitment, this company was founded by Manipal grads in 2014 with a funding of $262K to their kitty.

  • MeraJob: Helps pre-screen job seekers profiles. This company founded in 2012 by Pallav Sinha has raised a fund of $3M.

  • HackerEarth: Cloud based online recruitment solution for technical hiring founded in 2012 by IIT grads Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash raised an amount of $670K. 

  • MyRefers: It was founded in 2014 by Lalit Bhagia and has raised more than half a million USD. It is an AI-powered recruiting marketplace where companies post jobs on the platform and a referral network which refer candidates against those jobs.

Mobile Onboarding & Engagement-
 With the integration of mobile into the recruitment process, start-ups are helping recruiters to find suitable candidates according to their skills from a myriad of social data from professional networks without having to go through an ocean of resumes or websites and also contribute to employee retention.

  • Niyo solutions: This Bangalore based fin-tech company was founded by banking industry expert Vinay Bagri and mobile application and payment expert Virender Bisht in 2015. It raised Rs 6.7 crore by a venture capital firm.

  • Tydy: The Employee Onboarding & New Hire Engagement product of Tydy was launched in December 2015. Founded by Kiran Menon and Nikhil Gurjer, this firm raised $138,000 in angel funding from the online platform, LetsVenture.


Operation Management- To oversee the daily operations of employees in organization, many startup companies came up allowing employers to automate payroll, compliance, benefits, and insurance processes.

  • Greythr: This is a HR and Payroll software provider founded in 2013 by Sayeed Anjum, Girish Rowjee with a fund of $5.2M to its credit. 

  • Weballigator: Founded in 2012 by Joseph Rasquinha and has raised fund worth $375K.

Corporate Training management- These firms aids in training, assessment and engagement of employees.

  • Capabiliti: Founded in 2014 by Mrigank Tripathi this SaaS based platform raised a funding amount of $400K by 500 Startups.

Compensation and Benefits- Companies targeting corporate-employee benefits.

  • Work Advantage: Founded in 2014 by Sourabh Deorah with a fund of $430K.

Video Interview- Platform for candidates to attend interviews via videos

  • ePoise Systems Pvt. Ltd: Bangalore-based HR startup ePoise Systems Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in 2012 by Sachin Agrawal and Bishan Singh. It raised a fund of $500K. 

  • Talview: Talview started in 2012 with Sanjoe Tom Jose as the CEO of the company and raised a fund of $100K. 

Employee Referral- This aims to helping brands leverage the power of referrals for recruitment.

  • Happy2Refer: Happy2Refer was launched in 2015 by Nimit Bavishi. This company has raised a fund of $250K.

  • WhistleTalk: Founded in 2012 by Vinoo Chacko and Ajay Nema this is an online social referral for hiring with a fund of $450K.

Note: This is just a compilation of some of the HR tech startup companies from the year 2012-2016 with strong funding source and does not indicate any kind of ranking or hierarchy. 


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