Article: HR is moving towards value generation

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HR is moving towards value generation

HR is moving towards value generation as its generalist functions are becoming more consultative and strategic in nature
HR is moving towards value generation

Investment in HR technology platforms, tools and applications are making HRIS and reporting more intelligent & intuitive to support human capital capabilities


HR M&A capability enhancements through data insights and state of the art tools are enabling greater integration of HR tools & systems and overall enabling an even stronger, strategic business partnership

With companies putting more & more focus and pressure on ROI, HR function is no exception. The focus of each support function, including HR, is increasingly moving towards value generation. HR function has tremendous potential to drive business improvements and with companies gaining scale across line of business’ and markets, the focus is moving towards creating sustainable solutions and measuring business impact through the same.  With the key people focus areas defined, it is imperative to organize HR, not just to partner through this change, but to lead ‘Enterprise Change’. This is resulting in a fundamental change in the model of HR as we know it. The COEs in HR (centres of excellence) are gaining depth, in providing solutions on not just the erstwhile well-established domains of Talent Acquisition and Compensation & Benefits but also on Employee Relations experience and HR Analytics and reporting. The HR generalist functions of Performance Managem...
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