Article: HR services and technology are pivotal to HR success

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HR services and technology are pivotal to HR success

For making HR programs successful, HR services and technology play key roles. Vikrant Khanna, HR Director Transformation, Alight Solutions gave insightful session on the topic at People Matters TechHr 2017 conference.
HR services and technology are pivotal to HR success

While HR mostly gets measured on the basis of performance and recruiting, in reality, it is services and technology which is making it impactful. The service portfolio of HR is a big differentiator of driving success.  

As per the research, organizations which have limited clarity on HR service delivery and have ambiguity on HR organizational structure, capabilities and processes – their CHROs represent only 10% confidence in their programs. Whereas, organizations which have well-charted service delivery plan their confidence levels are three times higher. So, HR services form very foundation of making your program successful. It is less around design of the program, and more about execution 


Augmenting it with right technology 

Organizations which had HR services and who complemented it with HR technology truly made a difference. Their confidence levels projected 70% growth, which was highest when compared to other organizations, report showcased. A well-designed strategy on HR technology is the biggest enabler of success. 

Consolidation of HR technology platform 

Today with the maturity of platforms that are available in the market and maturity of HR as the decision maker on technology platforms, consolidation is being highly considered. Closely around 70% organizations are looking to consolidate their HR technology platform. In India and Asia Pacific, core HR is separate and consolidation of talent management is on a single platform dominantly. It is because evaluation parameter of talent management is very different. Core HR is more related to transactions, whereas, talent management is more concerned with analytics and user experience. 

Tipping points for HR

At Asia Pacific level, larger organizations feel that learning will be video based in future and they feel that most of the decisions that will be taken on performance and other domains will move to being more collaborative or peer based rather than hierarchical. 

In order to succeed,  organizations need to have HR mindset and constantly need to check, re-check and reset their agenda meant for HR. They can do that by using SAAS as a catalyst not only from the technology standpoint but to create an impact on HR operating model and process harmonization.  Last but not least, they need to enable analytics and automation. The true test of organization’s agility would be to do all of these things in tandem and not one after another. 

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