Article: HR Technology Space – Then and Now

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HR Technology Space – Then and Now

The number of new HR tech startups points towards a growing market but the Indian market has a lot of catching up to do as we move on to the year 2017
HR Technology Space – Then and Now
HR Technology market was one of the fast evolving B2B tech markets along with Sales Technology market when we started Talview in 2012. It still remains true. Globally HR has produced some of the fastest growing tech companies including Workday, LinkedIn, SuccessFactors, Zenefits, etc. The Indian market has a lot of catching up to do but, as we move on to the year 2017, I can positively say that the future looks promising. In the past few years, the HR Tech domain has evolved significantly and many new categories have emerged. In 2012, HR tech was broadly classified into HRIS, talent acquisition, performance management, benefits & compensation, learning & development and job sites. In 2016, we look at onboarding, HR analytics, engagement tools, recruiting tools like video interviews & assessments, wellness management, and collaboration/communication tools as new HR tech categories. The potential innovations that can be seen in 2017 can be: Predictive Analytics for all asp...
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