Article: HROne x Vestige: Creating an employee-first HR solution that is efficient & effective

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HROne x Vestige: Creating an employee-first HR solution that is efficient & effective

HR transformation journeys are always full of challenges, with finding the right HR solution topping the list. So what were the hurdles Vestige faced and how did HROne help them cross them and achieve all their goals? Read on to know about HROne’s impact on the HR processes of one of India’s leading direct selling companies.
HROne x Vestige: Creating an employee-first HR solution that is efficient & effective

When an organisation successfully operates in the wellness space, focus on quality automatically becomes a priority in all its endeavours – be it launching a new product for its customers or choosing the right HR solution for its employees. So when Vestige, one of the leading direct selling companies of the country, was beginning its HR transformation journey and was looking for an HRMS, they naturally gravitated towards HROne’s intelligent and enterprise-ready HCM suite.

Efficiently recognizing challenges and having a plan in place

As Vestige contemplated beginning its HR transformation journey, it carefully executed a crucial step that many companies choose to ignore: it looked inwards with a critical eye, identifying all the focus areas that needed to be worked on and the result Vestige wanted to achieve after its transformation journey.

1) Reduction in errors in the performance management process

2) Decrease in turnaround time and effort involved in performance management

3) Automating attendance and integrating it with payroll to make it both accurate as well as


4) Creating an environment that makes rewards and recognition accessible to all employees,

thereby increasing its impact

5) Achieving an optimum level of organisational efficiency

The collaboration

Based on the problem areas identified by Vestige, and thorough market research from their end, Vestige decided to collaborate with HROne. “We went with HROne because they were very receptive to our insights and open to implementing necessary customizations,” Aseem Nath Tripathi, vice president and head of Vestige’s HRD, said, adding that they found the perfect partner for their HR transformation journey in HROne.

The impact

HROne’s impact, due to its focus on automating HR processes, simplifying human interactions and delivering actionable insights to build better workplaces, was instant. It not only addressed

Vestige’s problem areas but also aided in increasing overall organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

a) Creating a streamlined, error-free appraisal process

Appraisals are arguably one of the most important tasks that the HR function of any organisation has to undertake. It is also a complicated process that calls for the back and forth of a lot of data and information, that too between employees belonging to different departments/verticals/heiraricies. And this was one of Vestige’s first and foremost focus areas.

After the implementation of HROne, goal-setting and templated processing ensured that performance appraisal was virtually error-free. With easy access to appraisal data, managers at Vestige are now able to make the most of data-driven insights for performance trends. Add to this access to feedback in real time, making collaboration between managers and employees a lot less complex and a lot more free-flowing and organic.

b) Significant improvements in both attendance compliance and, by extension, payroll processing

Tracking the attendance – correctly – for all employees is a unique and surprisingly complicated challenge posed by the recent shift to the work-from-home/work-from-anywhere/hybrid work model. It is also process that directly impacts payroll, making compliance and correctness all the more important. With a major chunk of the Vestige employee base stationed at 50+ locations across India and during COVID following a hybrid model, it was pertinent to the direct marketing organisation that attendance compliance be taken into account during HROne’s customisation process for Vestige’s HR solution.

And to say HROne worked like a charm would be an understatement: HROne helped reduce time taken for attendance integration by an incredible 60%, down from ten days to four. With attendance accuracy assured, payroll processing time was cut down significantly, along with an upswing in precision.

c) Increased focus on creating and sustaining an environment that recognises and lauds the top performers and “torchbearers”

Creating a company culture that champions its workforce is something that Vestige, an organisation that prides itself in putting both its customers and employees first, places great value on. With an effective, action-oriented R&R framework being perhaps the most effective way to engage employees, Vestige wanted the HR solution to have a right reward and recognition in place for Vestige employees.

HROne’s R&R framework supported Vestige’s aim of creating a truly employee-centric organisation, efficiently identifying and rewarding the torchbearers of business operations. For both peer-to-peer and senior to junior R&R, HROne ensured that “employee delight” was created.

Knowledge that matters

One of the key factors behind HROne’s success is its keen and in-depth comprehension of how HR processes work. This keen understanding, coupled with its grasp on automation, helps create a final product that not just automates HR tasks, it does so intelligently and effectively.

For example, the team behind HROne understands the importance of visual aids when relaying information to the user. Therefore, HROne takes visual communication to the next level with the appropriate use of pie charts and histograms that offer immediate comprehension of the critical information such as headcount, absenteeism, attrition, workforce makeup among others.

The final word

“Our ultimate goal is to look at the convergence of HR functions, from talent acquisition and onboarding to performance management and appraisals. We wanted a quality customizable system that could deliver value for money to us, and HROne fit the bill very well. I strongly recommend it to any organisation leveraging HCM to build a robust HR ecosystem,” Tripathi said, adding that they found the HROne platform to be “responsive with the human touch” that automates HR processes, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces.

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