Article: Countdown Begins: One month to People Matters TechHR India!

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Countdown Begins: One month to People Matters TechHR India!

We’re in July now! Don’t wait any longer – TechHR India is just around the corner this August, and you can’t afford to miss it!
Countdown Begins: One month to People Matters TechHR India!

Dear HR leaders! People Matters TechHR India is almost here, albeit next month i.e. 1st and 2nd August 2024. Asia's largest conference on people and work has been developed and curated for HR professionals like you. With a stellar lineup of thought leaders and industry pioneers, People Matters TechHR India promises to be a transformative experience.

Before you start reading, keep an eye out for highlights from last year's Tech HR to get the ball rolling on excitement. The 'Wow' quotes from leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Dave Ulrich, Papon and more should get your palpable heart to skip a beat with excitement! 

This is why you can't miss this year's PM TechHR India conference!  Our team has developed unmatched and eclectic offerings, especially for HR leaders for you. Hence, deep dive in below:  

From Inspiration to Action: A Theme for Today's HR Challenges

The theme "Inspiration to Action" underscores the urgent need for speed, sustainability, and resilience in our people and work practices within today's fast-evolving business landscape. Emphasising the swift transition from ideas to rapid testing and continuous learning, this theme aims to ensure agility, sustainability, and resilience in overcoming ongoing challenges.

A collection of World-Class Speakers to offer

People Matters TechHR India 2024 is set to feature an array of influential thinkers and leaders - as we do year-on-year! Get inspired by:

Aditya Ghosh (Co-founder, Akasa Air; Founder, Homage)


Aditya, a renowned industry titan celebrated for his strategic acumen, will share his insights on building resilient businesses capable of withstanding economic turbulence.

Jerry Colonna (Venture capitalist, recognised among top 100 Most Influential People of the New Economy)

As the best-selling author, professional coach and influencer, Jerry Colonna will explore the transformative power of reunion for societal change.

Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani (Creator, Thyrocare)

A visionary leader, Dr. Velumani will discuss how he revolutionised the diagnostics sector with his innovative business model and emphasise the importance of nurturing talent in healthcare.

Rekha Menon (Former Chairperson, Accenture India)

A champion of technology as a force for good, Rekha will delve into how tech and inclusivity intersect, discussing how digital tools can create a more equitable workplace.

Learning Formats that you may never have experienced before

The conference features interactive sessions beyond traditional panels and keynotes, including Story Circles, Visual Practice, Body Percussion, Live Q&As, and Big Questions. These formats foster deeper understanding and engagement, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Designed for CHROs and Senior Leadership

Our content is specifically curated to meet the needs and challenges of CHROs and senior HR leaders. It focuses on strategic leadership and provides actionable insights that directly impact your organization's success.

"Digital Phoenix: Elevating Business Resilience in Tech's Wake" by Peter Hinssen – Explore how businesses can thrive amid digital disruption and build a resilient, forward-thinking enterprise.

"A Belief in Balaji: How Faith & Focus Built a Snacking Empire" with Chandubhai Virani – Learn how steadfast belief and precise focus can turn a modest start-up into a leading market player”

"Leveraging AI for Strategic HR" – Explore how artificial intelligence can revolutionise recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement.

"Strategic Resilience: Interplay Of Offense & Defense For Business Excellence" - What are the crucial elements for assessing and enhancing resilience frameworks? For those ready to take action, what practical steps can be taken to cultivate a resilient mindset and culture within businesses and communities? Additionally, how do these efforts translate into economic benefits on a global scale?

A Hub of Cutting-Edge HR Tech and Innovations

Explore the forefront of HR technology and innovation at the conference. Discover AI tools, advanced software solutions, and more, all designed to transform your work processes and equip your team to excel in a digital world. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements that will drive your organisation's success.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Connect with thousands of industry professionals, peers, mentors, and innovators from diverse sectors and geographies. Seize the chance to meet, mingle, and collaborate like never before.

Night Fest with Shaan


Join us for an unforgettable Night Fest with renowned singer-songwriter Shaan, blending glamour and entertainment into an evening of learning and professional networking.

Launch of People Matters Flagship Research State of HR Industry 2024

Get excited by the launch of the largest and the most influential HR research SHRPA, with industry insights and solutions across APAC and ME. This report will explore how the HR industry is adapting to technological advancements and anticipates strategic shifts for HR leaders and tech service organizations over the next 12-18 months.

Platform that Unites Teams for Learning and Collaboration

People Matters TechHR India serves as an exceptional platform for uniting teams, offering an engaging and dynamic environment for collective learning and collaboration. This event provides the perfect opportunity for team members to unite, fostering enhanced cohesion and injecting fresh energy into projects. Through interactive sessions and shared experiences, TechHR India enables teams to align their goals and work towards a unified vision, making it an essential experience for driving teamwork and innovation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your seats now and gear up for India's largest People and Work Conference, set to electrify Gurgaon only at Hotel Leela Palace, on August 1st and 2nd, 2024.

Don’t miss out on this essential gathering, where you can connect, learn, and empower your team to forge ahead. Mark your calendar and be part of the future of HR at People Matters TechHR India 2024! Stay tuned with #TechHRIN to follow more conference-related content.

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