Article: SAP skilled personnel – adding zing to operational performance


SAP skilled personnel – adding zing to operational performance

One of the modern day technological marvels that is assisting organizations to align its business activities is the Systems, Applications & Products implementation framework, better known as SAP
SAP skilled personnel – adding zing to operational performance

An evolving and dynamic environment creates the need for organizations to adapt swiftly and juggle multiple assignments with superlative efficiency. In this endeavor, contemporary organizations are increasingly relying on IT platforms that help in integrating various activities of the organization. One of the modern day technological marvels that is assisting organizations to align its business activities is the Systems, Applications & Products implementation framework, better known as SAP.

Overview of SAP

SAP software is vital for organizations across verticals because it manages the complex business units of large enterprise. SAP technology, allows businesses to interact with common databases in the process of running their business. From raw material, inventory and production management to marketing and sales, all enterprise activities can be managed from a single point. Some of the many benefits of this platform include –

o   Eliminating manual transactions

o   Reconciling data of different departments,

o   Avoids manipulations by generating authentic data and authentic reports which helps in making business decisions

Why is SAP vital to organizations across verticals?  

SAP provides various modules that enhance work processes within organizations. SAP training allows professionals to work out better with SAP modules. Training allows professionals to handle software presented by SAP towards better work process and data management in organizations. Owing to the various advantages mentioned, more and more organizations are moving towards adopting SAP by the day. Some of the factors that have supplemented the dynamic rise of skilled personnel in the organization are mentioned below –  

o   SAP is an open ecosystem that gives offers more choice and more flexibility thereby lending innovation to business without disruption

o   SAP platform is worldwide leader in business analytics and delivers an array of performance metrics on real-time basis through the most advanced in-memory technology

o   As organizations incorporate mobility as a key aspect of business, SAP provides market-leading mobile solutions to unwire your enterprise

Reasons for rising demand of SAP skilled professionals

In every nook and corner of the world, SAP has created tremendous buzz among the IT professionals. Either directly or indirectly, it has given employment to millions of people across the globe. Owing to the employment prospects that SAP certification offers, candidates have been able to successfully re-locate from remote areas to IT hubs across geographies. Many prospective employers still publish their jobs by stating that “SAP Certification is mandatory/value added advantage”.

The markets are very volatile and employers need professionals who can help the business to not only sustain market position but also prevent the business from sliding in the face of competition or challenging market situations.

Following a period of stagnant IT spending in recent years, organisations are now investing in their existing IT systems to improve efficiencies and gain competitive advantage over rivals. And secondly, in an increasingly complex business environment, organisations are looking at innovative, low-cost solutions that will provide them with greater business intelligence (BI), insight and visibility as a means to develop and enhance their customer and partner relationships.

Position and Profile of SAP skilled personnel in the organisation

SAP has helped the most successful companies, in virtually every industry, create real value, gain significant efficiencies and achieve enhanced profitability.

SAP Consultants play a pertinent role, especially at larger corporations, due to SAP software being a very common platform. Because SAP has grown in popularity and acceptance, the need for SAP Consultants is quite strong. Best of all, it seems to show no signs of slowing down.

Work realities  

SAP Consultants typically work with many levels of management, typically in larger companies, from interns to C-level executives. Because their role is to help facilitate the operations of a computer/network system via SAP software, they must be comfortable working at a desk for long periods. In today’s era of mobility, they should also have first-hand understanding of all conventional operating systems. They should also be open to traveling, if necessary.


As an SAP Consultant, individuals can expect to help companies in a wide range of ways by assisting them in using SAP software to best fit their unique needs. These can include, but are not limited to, business design solutions, business implementation ideas, accounting management, inventory forecasting, cash flow analysis and supply chain management.

The job of SAP Consultant, therefore, requires a deep understanding of the platform, as well as the ability to think critically, communicate well and utilize a broad knowledge base.

Future possibilities

According to independent reports, SAP Consultants held almost 10 percent of the world’s IT jobs in 2010 and this figure is only expected to rise. As the mobility of workers grow, so will the need to protect the safety and accuracy of the company’s SAP programs. Therefore, it is unlikely that SAP Consultant jobs will wane any time in the foreseeable future.


An SAP Consultant is usually expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in some kind of technological field or MBA-systems/IT for Technical Domain and graduate of any background with SAP certification for Functional Domain.  


In order to use the title of SAP Consultant, an individual should have more than a modicum of experience on-the-job working with SAP systems. Thus, it is unlikely that a student straight out of university would qualify for this type of position. Many consulting firms and corporations have been known to give preference to SAP Consultants with human resources, management, client services, IT, project management and similar backgrounds.

Skills and Certifications

SAP certification courses are available and can add credentialing to SAP Consultants. They include SAP Associate and SAP Professional certifications. In addition, some SAP Consultants have added niche certifications to their core SAP credentials, including courses in SAP Composition Environment, SAP NetWeaver Developer Sudio, SAP Project Systems and SAP Service Management.

As the Digital India movement and major plans to adopt technology in on all corporate and commercial organizations gains foothold, SAP skills will play a crucial role in determining the growth of an enterprise. Together with consumer grade user experience, simplified portfolio of applications focused on industry, analytics, Big Data, & mobility all powered by in-memory technology—HANA, SAP is perfectly positioned to monetize on this opportunity. Those equipped with SAP skills will help organization in facilitating smooth digital transformation.

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