Article: Streamlining employee welfare through digitalized HR processes

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Streamlining employee welfare through digitalized HR processes

It is during times like these that the role of Chief Human Resources Officers is key to workforce resilience as organizations across countries are facing workforce disruption at an unprecedented scale and speed.
Streamlining employee welfare through digitalized HR processes

The emerging COVID-19 situation has increased the focus on preparedness and stepping up necessary precautionary measures for organizations over the next few weeks. COVID-19 is bringing a paradigm shift in workplace practices. It is during times like these that the role of Chief Human Resources Officers is key to workforce resilience as organizations across countries are facing workforce disruption at an unprecedented scale and speed. This is driving CHROs in developing an agile workforce while navigating continued workforce shifts. 

Relationship management and business acumen is the cornerstone for any role. The HR at Embassy is driven to create a value-based culture by aligning HR strategies to business needs. The world of work is changing rapidly as myriad factors disrupt the workplace at an alarming rate. HR and the future of work are set to look radically different over the next few years, and forward-thinking organizations are already giving us glimpses into the future. As the future moves towards augmented digital transformation, we at Embassy are focusing on increasing productivity and engagement levels at our organization by facilitating HR processes by the use of technology through virtual onboarding, online trainings, and curated agendas for holistic growth.

Innovation within HR itself

It is essential to collaborate with online platforms, such as LinkedIn Learning, as we have done for employees at all levels, to initiate and equip employees with online learning and taking up requisite professional courses for skill development. Continue to engage remote and frontline employees with real-time, personal, and consistent communications about health and safety, policy updates and guidance from leadership. Our Learning and Development program engages employees with tales of insights, monthly challenges and dedicated learning paths in accordance to business requirements. The endeavor is to provide an elevated employee experience for them to stay motivated and adapt seamlessly, while ensuring a balance in fulfilling business objectives.

Employee initiatives on hosting virtual activities, virtual happy hour sessions, group videos conceptualized and virtually directed, and creating moments for keeping their spirits high is a part of the new normal. Through our internal communications portal, online stress-busting interactive campaigns are being organized on a recurring basis for employee engagement and effective participation. 

Analytics and HR

HR Technology today includes performance management, rewards and recognition, employee surveys, feedback and engagement on a wider scale making the organization highly responsive and agile. Fundamentally, having an ERP to automate HR operations and storage of a data on cloud/one drive is essential. An implemented ERP provides ease of access to data, brings discipline and provides the bandwidth to focus on other people strategies as well as effective accessibility. Additionally, Application tracking systems, Performance management and recognition portals provide transparency in the systems and are beneficial in managing data. 

HR Adaptability

As business strategies and teams at present are growing more agile in order to keep pace with recurring volatile changes, HR technology must adapt for employees to be onboard as well, including providing employees with a more user-friendly and an efficient experience. Leaders can help promote business continuity by providing the resources and the support that employees require in order to maximize effectiveness. They can also help by creating new ways for people to connect with each other, feel engaged and inspired, and work in new ways — which are critical to boosting morale and productivity.

Going forward, crisis management and adapting to the new socio -economic situation will be the key element for all businesses. It is very important that businesses rethink proactive ways to ensure business continuity. Today, this pandemic has brought a slowed down economy world over. The aim however remains to draft, refine, and circulate the “new normal” re-entry guidelines to help address safety issues, as on-site work resumes, adhering to incorporating the touch of technology without disruption efficiency, human decision-making abilities, and people-to people relationships. The focus is primarily involving and building team cohesion and innovation, while in the face of adversity.



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