Article: Why it’s time to choose right work tech tools

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Why it’s time to choose right work tech tools

HR has undergone a dramatic shift over the last one and half years and this has led to a major shift where prioritising employee experience, engagement and talent management is of utmost importance, shared Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder and CEO Keka HR, and Anuradha Bharat, VP, People Operations at Razorpay, at TechHR India Conference 2021.
Why it’s time to choose right work tech tools

With the increasing impact of the pandemic across all the industries, the remote and hybrid work culture have become inevitable. This has led to the increased dependence of HR and the workforce on technology for casting into the molds of the new normal. This calls for an overall and speedy innovation of HR technologies.

In the session “WorkTECH: What Should the Future of HR Tech Look Like?” on the first day of People Matters TechHR India Conference 2021, Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder and CEO Keka HR, and Anuradha Bharat, Vice President, People Operations at Razorpay elaborate the need for adoption of new HR policies pertaining to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

According to Yalamanchili, HR has undergone a dramatic shift over the last two years. The traditional practice of HR has primarily been maintaining records over years, but this era has led to a major shift prioritising employee experience, engagement and talent management.

‘The pandemic has got us around new set of problems everything of which revolves around the employees,’ says Vijay Yalamanchili.

Elaborating on the changing trends of HR in the future, he adds that the future is going to be highly influenced by technology. Yalamanchili adds, ‘I see that in future we are going to be more focused on how the employees want the workflow to be like instead of asking them to use our interface.’

Elevating employee experience

Anuradha explains that adapting to the technical needs of the hour has been a challenge to some extent. She says that Razorpay, being a technical company, every employee is highly tech-savvy and they look forward to flexibility whenever the company tries to implement a new policy. So, the Razorpay management has been highly driven by the right employee experience while adopting new tools.

‘Employee experience has been one of the key aspects driving our decision making. The democratic and two-way approach has helped us in nailing our decision making and success of what we implement,’ says Anuradha Bharat.

Personalising HR services 

Bharat says that there can be a lot of customisation and personalisation in modern-day HR technologies. Customisation can ensure comfort to the new age workforce in every way that the workforce wants to operate. However, democratisation of the workforce along with other new changes always comes with a set of challenges during the implementation. Talking about such challenges, Yalamanchili adds that while selecting the technologies for new-age workforce it becomes difficult to produce a perfect module for every function. This leads to the use of multiple platforms by the organisations. He adds, “there have been instances where the customers have used their own modules over what we have offered.”

He insists that while selecting the right technology for a workforce, companies should look for the right product and not the brand. Evaluation of the product before adopting it is extremely crucial. There is no single product that can cater to every need or function.

Evaluating the right HR tool

According to Bharat, not necessarily the product that caters to the needs of a particular company can solve issues of similar organisations in the market. So, wisely evaluating the product is highly important. However, she adds that evaluation must be done by looking at how each tool can be stitched to other ones in the line for all the tools to work in coordination. An organisation also must keep in mind that with the increasing headcount the complexity of dealing with these tools also increase.

‘Multiple tools add to the challenges in a lot of ways and wakes the purpose of providing a good experience to the employees,’ says Anuradha Bharat.

She says that using multiple tools should not affect the employee experience in a negative way. Adding to this, Yalamanchili says that organisations also must invest in tools that help solve their problem. He says, “quality comes with a certain cost.” Investing in the right quality product saves the time of organization. Saving even ten hours in a month is worth the investment that an organization may have made to purchase the tool.

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