Article: Are You In The List winner 2023: Ravinder Kaur explains the importance of supporting employees

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Are You In The List winner 2023: Ravinder Kaur explains the importance of supporting employees

Ravinder Kaur on building a supportive and conducive workplace environment for high-impact results.
Are You In The List winner 2023: Ravinder Kaur explains the importance of supporting employees

Ravinder Kaur | HR Representative II | Synopsys India Pvt Ltd

Ravinder Kaur is the HR Representative II at Synopsys India Pvt Ltd, who has been instrumental in automating HR processes, developing managerial capability, and making the organisation a more diverse and inclusive workplace. She has automated the onboarding processes and expedited operational execution of HR requirements by automating workflows. With ‘Maternity Buddy’, she's designed a program to support new mothers in returning to the workforce. She has also nurtured and supported managers at Synopsys by empowering them with autonomy, resources and tools to drive engagement and retention levels throughout the organisation.

Choosing HR as a profession

Ravinder considers herself to be a people’s person and is at her best when interacting with others. She has a keen interest in how human psychology, interpersonal skills, and personality traits help influence people’s perspectives and decisions. Firmly grounded, she believes in accepting situations, adapting to them, and focusing on the positives even in the most trying circumstances. She is focused on aligning HR processes at Synopsys with business goals and strategies by building a positive workplace culture and supporting employees at each stage of their lifecycle.

Impactfully solving HR challenges 

Finding the right talent with specialised skills to respond to a rapidly changing business and technological landscape is the biggest HR challenge of today, according to Ravinder. She is keenly interested in understanding how the advent of AI is disrupting the job market, and what employers can do to build a sustainable future. For her, upskilling will be central to the transition, and besides technical skills, such as generative AI or data analytics, there is also a need to focus on soft skills, such as problem framing, goal setting, and collaborating. AI tools can be leveraged in many different ways, and it is the onus of organisations to ensure that employees are fully-equipped to do so.

Her biggest learning this year stems from the rapid changes that have occurred in the concept of workplace. Leading with empathy, relying on data, and managing people by setting relevant objectives are some ways in which HR leaders can solve challenges. She shares, “HR’s role, in essence, is influencing the workforce without being authoritative and facilitating seamless collaboration across teams.”

Learnings from People Matters Are You In The List 

Being a part of People Matters Are You In The List Awards powered by Aon enabled Ravinder to understand her strengths better and capitalise on them. The interactive CHRO coaching sessions, psychometric assessments, and evaluation process have helped her identify gaps and design a learning pathway for the future. She has particularly experienced a marked improvement in her communication and partnership building skills. And her interactions with other C-suite leaders have enriched her perspective and expanded her horizons. “As a leader it has helped me stay empathetic, humble, bring in confidence in my strengths and helped bring about higher awareness of my skills.”

Ravinder wants to build on this journey by furthering her abilities, learning new skills, collaborating with leaders in her network, and implementing innovative HR ideas at her organisation. She is particularly interested in using learning programs and experiences to enhance the role of HR in supporting business goals, engaging the workforce, and upskilling individuals.

The vision for the future

Ravinder believes that everything happens for a reason and it is important to embrace change, challenges, and uncertainty. She wants to build her knowledge in learning and development and implement new ideas to improve HR functions. She envisions HR playing a more urgent and proactive role in future-proofing jobs, skills, and business growth by acting as the fulcrum of organisational and workplace changes.

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