Article: A focus on holistic systems, not targeted programs

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A focus on holistic systems, not targeted programs

People leaders need to be challenged to think beyond programs and instead focus on holistic systems that create the culture and environment where engagement lives and thrives
A focus on holistic systems, not targeted programs
Engaging employees is hard work. There, I’ve said it. After 25 years dedicated to employee engagement and leading conversations globally, I know that there is no magic bullet. There is no one-time quick fix to driving engagement that leads consistently to an organization’s performance.  Let’s be clear. When a leader is asking for employee engagement, they are not talking about happy employees, they are talking about productive employees who deliver with pride and passion.  When searching Employee Engagement on the world wide web, what often comes up are lists of engagement programs…the top 15, 25, 49 employee engagement ideas. They include program ideas like volunteering, celebrations, taking team photos, conduct team building sessions, create a magazine, and have fun! Passionate HR professionals take these ideas, choose a few that fit into their budgets, and start party planning. Not too long after, they are working on the next program or event to ...
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