Article: Leading non-competitive companies form consortium to train HiPos

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Leading non-competitive companies form consortium to train HiPos


A leadership development consortium between 5 non-competitive companies from different domains illustrates how organizations can mutually exchange learning and help their future leaders to broaden their capabilities.
Leading non-competitive companies form consortium to train HiPos

The learning consortium was envisioned as a forum for leaders from different organizations to exchange knowledge, thoughts and ideas and build sustained, long-term relationships between the participants


It is not unusual for the participants to come out of the program referring to it as the best learning session they have ever had in their entire professional career

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous is the fabric on which today’s business ecosystem operates. To manage challenges related to such elements, organizations have to innovate and create strategies that offer value and positive business outcomes. Traditional business approaches and strategies no longer provide growth and development and to ensure long-term survival and relevance, the need to take development initiatives and plans is critical.  All this is also corroborated by the fact that challenges involving leadership and talent development have accelerated. Today, organizations want to innovate and expose their talent to approaches and strategies that are out-of-the-box and that provide them with a perspective other than of their own. The need for doing this has risen as carrying out same responsibilities over time molds employees into developing a specific and static style and mindset towards approaching and solving problems – which works for them but also l...
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