Article: Take the L&D function to the next level


Take the L&D function to the next level

The second half day L&D Leadership League conclave brought forth ideas on how L&D creates more business value
Take the L&D function to the next level

The half-day conclave of the L&D Leadership League in Bengaluru that brought together the learning community witnessed a high energy engagement of discussions and interactive activities during the half day event. The second half day event of this league was focused around discussions on taking the L&D function to the next level of business and defining how the learning function can bring more value to business.

Pallab Bandyopadhya, Director HR, Citrix Systems shared that businesses in the 21st century need people who can learn, unlearn and relearn. And hence the critical need for organizations to look at L&D as a necessary contributor to enhancing business value and people productivity. Prof. Sriram S. Executive Director & Professor, Great Lakes Institute of Management shared the outside –in perspective and the need for innovation in leanring methods to keep the present generation engaged and interested.

Maclean S. Raphael, Executive Director-HR, 3M India & Sri Lanka extended the discussion to focus on the business need to emphasize on learning at a higher level and move away from the transactional training calendar approach; he shared the increasing role of organizational development to have a top down approach for L&D. To this, Vinita Shrivastava agreed that there has to be adequate buy-in from the top to bring about this change in approach towards L&D in organizations.

The audience of 60 was hands-on in the interactive session on Accelerating Leadership Development by Meena Surie Wilson, Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership, who spoke about the importance of speed dating and learning from experiences through an highly interactive energetic session of 90 minutes where the audience participated in groups.

The post lunch sessions had two technical discussions where learning professionals got the opportunity to learn from two leading case studies. Anand Bhaskar, VP-HR, India & APAC, Global Talent Development & Global Shared Services, Sapient India challenged the traditional models used by HR in his session on Lazy HR. He shared the concept of democratizing learning introduced recently at Sapient. This concept puts the onus of learning on the employee who has the opportunity to choose the appropriate learning interventions that an individual thinks is essential for them from the Learning supermarket at Sapient. This was followed by the GE Case shared by Aarif Aziz, ‚ÄéHead of Human Resources, GE John F Welch Technology Center where the participants together went through the GE Case and worked together identify the problems as well as it possible solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The role of learning in business is changing with the workforce demography – dynamic business environment requires businesses to have people who can learn, unlearn & relearn.
  2. The power of learning from experience
  3. Emergence of the concept of democratizing learning and putting the onus of learning for self on the individual.

The conclave concluded with Dr. Roland B. Smith, Vice President and Managing Director of APAC at CCL inviting the learning community to share their thoughts on how the value and impact of this L&D League can be increased which was then captured as feedback for future action.

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