Article: Time to kill hierarchies: We did it six decades ago - why not now?


Time to kill hierarchies: We did it six decades ago - why not now?

Why should organizations be hierarchical? Excellence can occur at any level and hierarchy has the power to kill excellence, especially of the young and talented.
Time to kill hierarchies: We did it six decades ago - why not now?
I worked in early stages of my life in three different organizations besides the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad (IIMA): Government of India Institution, University and a PSU. Of all the four organizations, the most productive, motivating and talent developing organization was IIMA. In Government organization, I joined it six months prior to my boss. A few days after he joined, my boss saw a paper published by me in a medical journal warned me not to publish without his written permission, though in my job, I was expected to disseminate knowledge in health administration practices. This was so demotivating that I preferred to leave the organization to join a University at a lower grade. In the University, there was a lot of academic freedom but always a limitation of posts of professors. In the hierarchy-driven PSU, I had to negotiate for the highest salary level and a designation of General Manager (at age 32) to introduce change in some of the systems I was supposed to cre...
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Topics: Leadership, Life @ Work, #KillHierarchies

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