Article: Titan: Maximizing learning opportunities with like-minded companies


Titan: Maximizing learning opportunities with like-minded companies

Titan on the power of XChange in creating a powerful learning and support community out of like-minded organizations
Titan: Maximizing learning opportunities with like-minded companies

The camaraderie between the participants has created a fertile ground for future partnerships



This column features the thoughts of Managing Director, Bhaskar Bhat and Raj Narayan, SVP &  CHRO, Titan Company about conceptualizing and participating in XChange, an innovative consortium-style leadership development program, together with 3M, Bosch, Coffee Day and SAP. 

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The consortium style of learning does take place in organizations within the same group, for e.g. within the Tata group of companies that Titan is a part of. But XChange has been unique in bringing together so many organizations with no such ostensible commonality. Participating organizations had different points of view with regards to how they wanted to leverage XChange. At Titan, we wanted to make sure that whatever we do at XChange blended with the leadership development initiatives that we already had planned for our HiPos. So while the other organizations were of the view that they would like the same set of people to go through all 5 themes, Titan as an organization felt that we would want to send different batches of people for the XChange experience, for whom a particular theme was most relevant.  

In many ways, XChange was a carefully curated program to empower HiPos by broadening their horizons. While the different themes were interlinked, being intricately involved in the design of each XChange learning event helped us create sessions that had no overlaps with the other competency sessions. In the Intrapreneurship session anchored by Titan, we wanted people to understand the mindset of an intrapreneur.  A session within Innovation had already covered an element of interacting with intrapreneurs and a session under Strategy had already gone over how one can develop an idea and sell it within the organization. Being aware of this enabled us to create a differentiated learning experience for the participants. We collected success stories of intrapreneurship from the participating organizations to show what it takes for intrapreneurship to be successful within an organization from two perspectives. One is the organization culture and climate, which means how an organization supports or inhibits the way of successful intrapreneurship, and the other is what qualities an individual brings to the table that make him or her a successful intrapreneur. This was followed by assessments which gave the participants a flavor of how they saw their organization and themselves through an intrapreneurial lens. We also focused on how intrapreneurs could influence their organization into buying their idea, for which we brought in a simulation around influencing which became the design of our session.

The camaraderie and trust between the five participating organizations is a remarkable facet of this program which has created a fertile ground for future partnerships and further collaborations and would help us all be better prepared for the marketplace. 

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