Article: Culture of entrepreneurship: Yogesh Sood


Culture of entrepreneurship: Yogesh Sood

Yogesh Sood Chairman & Managing Director, Vital Smarts India Operations

The increasing uncertainties in business will force Talent Managers to look at the macro outlook. They will have to be necessarily prepared to understand the macro trends that will impact business and talent. HR will move beyond domain expertise as a result of this.

The new talent will focus on how they can sell themselves within the organization and talent management will therefore have to address this mindset change and alter its policies to suit individualistic, self-interested pool of talent, who will strive to prove their value to the business.

Business dynamics and uncertainties will make innovation a key business criterion for success and innovation will in turn drive a culture of entrepreneurship. Talent management will therefore have to change to attract the pool of talent suited for such a change, and will also change the way talent will be managed.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Culture, Performance Management

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