Article: New Age Technology Platforms: Paras Arora


New Age Technology Platforms: Paras Arora

Paras Arora, CEO, TriggerO
New Age Technology Platforms: Paras Arora

HR has evolved from administrative to more engaging and value generating functions. There are different ways companies have risen to the need of technology, depending on localized or distributed operations. Few went and availed existing comprehensive HRIS and others opted for internal automated tools, especially medium and big size IT companies. Companies built up their secured Intranets and integrated tools and frameworks, which people could access from outside the firewall also.

There has been a value creation across industries with the advent of cloud technology. Now SMEs have a plethora of options to avail simple HR tools on cloud through single sign on facility. Another shift which is taking place due to better adoption of technology and new age concepts, is an advent of parallel value added productivity enhancement tools like social collaboration, engagement, knowledge sharing, social referral and recruitment where innovative solutions are available for all size of companies.

HR technology is now evolving in innovative directions where it is making HR as facilitator of bigger change, handler of collaborative workforce and establishing it as a profit center. Web 2.0 has given a new direction as to how best to utilize the collective power of employees.

Broadly, categories can be defined as traditional, which cover enterprise HRIS, knowledge management systems, communication portals. Other category can be defined as boosters, which help companies generate collective value and drive productivity. This covers collaboration platform, reward and recognition, social recruitment, idea generation platforms, etc.

There are products in the market, which focus on complete solutions (for example, TriggerO focuses on R&R, collaboration, engagement) and others provide discreet solutions (KineticGlue provides a collaboration suite, few provide only rewards and recognition ) and so on.

The new age platforms are quick to try and see the value because of being on cloud and SaaS framework. Trial method is the best way to judge the feasibility. Analytics is the key element of any software technology platform to measure ROI of company’s expenditure on new age technology platforms. Products like TriggerO have comprehensive analytics modules to track productivity enhancement measures viz a viz company’s productivity, top line, attrition, etc.

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