Article: Performance must be a lead strategy

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Performance must be a lead strategy

Performance has to change to a more holistic and long-term process, says Anandorup Ghose Head of Rewards, Aon Hewitt
Performance must be a lead strategy

Performance process should be used as an input to add value to careers

Organizations very often mistake performance management with the process of performance appraisal. However, there has been an increasing realization that performance management and performance appraisal are significantly different. Performance management is the identification of how an individual’s contributions can be improved and developed as opposed to simply appraising. At this point, most progressive organizations are looking at performance management as a means to improve the skills and development opportunities for individuals and teams. A bell curve does not agree with the whole concept of how individuals perform in an organization – the belief is purely that the workplace has lots of average people and some good folks. Due to this, decisions start getting taken about who is “good’ and who isn’t. That fundamentally is a process of defining limitations in how you help an employee grow or develop. Many organizations are moving away from a timebound ...
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