Article: Five drivers behind a great candidate experience


Five drivers behind a great candidate experience

How can you attract, connect with and convert talent if your candidate experience is weak?
Five drivers behind a great candidate experience

Ensuring that every candidate receives something in return for their time and interest will deliver long-term benefits to the candidate experience


Skilled professionals are in high demand, and that means they have options which has catapulted the Candidate Experience to the top of most major companies lists of recruiting priorities

Customer and Candidate care are two sides of the same coin. They are inextricably linked in value but they present a different face in at least one important aspect: Nearly all Customers who want service get it. All but one Candidateis rejected. And so, it is that Customers [correctly] assume any disappointment will be minimized while Candidates [incorrectly] assume there are practices in place to soften their inevitable rejection.  Unfortunately, employers in the US and elsewhere have been so traditionally focused on the one person they will hire (and, possibly, the 3-5 ‘finalists’ the firm has invested in interviewing face-to-face) that they ignore the vast majority of candidates they touch but don’t hire. With more data now available, this error is now being addressed. Today, a candidate includes anyone who submits their expression of interest, their resume, their online application. It is the act of submission, not the employers’ consideration of them...
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