Article: Get the most out of campus recruitment this season

Campus Recruitment

Get the most out of campus recruitment this season

The overall traits sought by companies in new campus hires include quick learning, problem-solving, ownership, team players, integrity and good interpersonal skills.
Get the most out of campus recruitment this season

With the recruitment season almost upon us, both companies and campuses are gearing up for one of the busiest and most important times of the year. While students look at their strategies to make the most of on-campus recruitment drives, organizations seek best practices to recruit more efficiently and maximize their hiring events. 

Campus hiring is one of the primary recruitment channels for companies, and rightly so – there are significant associated benefits. Campus hiring not only helps companies tap into a massive young and skilled candidate pool but also gives them access to diverse educational backgrounds and fresh minds straight out of campuses that are eager to learn and contribute with different perspectives. 

Although the overall traits sought by companies in new campus hires include quick learning, problem-solving, ownership, team players, integrity and good interpersonal skills, young graduates today have evolving requirements and focused plans for their careers. This calls for organizations to rethink their recruitment strategies and incorporate innovation.

Here are some tips that companies can follow in order to stand out and attract the right talent:

First and everlasting impressions 

First impressions are everlasting impressions and this is particularly true for on-site branding. Companies need to focus on showcasing the unique traits that make them a great place to work (and of course any perks!), to grab the attention of potential recruits. Producing attractive and targeted recruitment collateral, impactful and tailored campus presentations, and appealing job postings on social media platforms, are some of the ways to create a brand identity among students.

In the ever-increasing competitive environment, branding is the key tool for telling potential employees about the culture and work, and organizations must work creatively to sustain this image. 

Advanced recruitment initiatives

To gain a competitive recruitment edge, organizations should think about innovative initiatives which help show candidates what they do and how they do it. To tap into this opportunity, companies can create real-world experiences for students, through competitions or live projects. 

At The Smart Cube, our campus recruitment programmes are designed to maximize engagement with students across top campuses in India. For example, Resolvr – our annual case study competition for students, now in its 4th year – invites students of graduate, engineering, MBA and postgraduate colleges to submit case studies under two distinct categories: research and data analytics. The top-three winners from each category are evaluated on multiple criteria – including the level of research and analysis, clarity of thought, use of business English, and presentation skills. Winning team members receive cash prizes and an opportunity to attend our pre-placement interviews. 

Take the right people to campuses 

Take a combination of ‘star performers’ and recent college hires to campuses, to showcase the work and accolades they have gained, and how various employees have helped clients achieve their business goals. Arrange “meet and greet” sessions with students, as your existing employees are the best advocates for promoting company culture and values. 

Initiate and sustain communication 

Communication and engagement should begin prior to the actual campus recruitment exercise and be sustained until new recruits are on board. Candidates deserve updates on solid next steps of the hiring process, and both personal emails and wider social media messages can be excellent ways to facilitate this. Creating interesting and visually appealing social content is another way to keep candidates interested and plugged in. 

Investing time in post-hiring engagements is equally important - “get-acquainted” sessions for new hires with managers or the leadership team is an excellent way to welcome them and show they are valued. Targeted communication and engagement can create a more informed, loyal and productive employees.

Engage early with future hires

Internship programmes are excellent platforms for potential hires and a ground for companies to initiate early engagement and identify young and skilled talent. Further, it offers candidates opportunities to experience the culture of the firm and learn on the job. A well-planned internship strategy can also help organizations manage their training costs, by mixing on-the-job initiatives and more formal programmes. There are multiple ways to engage with students, and we have found the most successful to be guest lectures and student-connect programmes. 

Building your future workforce

With the ever-changing nature of work and business and the evolving expectations of millennials, companies need to adapt and think differently to create effective hiring programmes. College students are highly adaptable, and companies should see campus initiatives as an opportunity to tap into the potential of fresh minds have, and hire and retain them for a successful future workforce. 

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