Article: eBook Launch: The Past, Present and the Future of Work by Smriti Krishna Singh

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eBook Launch: The Past, Present and the Future of Work by Smriti Krishna Singh

Industry veteran, Smriti Krishna Singh comes up with her new ebook, The Past, Present and the Future of Work, where she shares “not a prediction, but a vision for the future”.
eBook Launch: The Past, Present and the Future of Work by Smriti Krishna Singh

The new world that we are experiencing today, what does this mean for Work, Workers and the Workplace? Is this a leapfrog to the future of work? How are employees experiencing this shift? What new challenges are employees, managers and human resources functions facing? And what does this mean for organizational culture and for leadership?

“If we visualize it, we can shape it!,” says Smriti Krishna Singh. 

Smriti believes in the power of human potential for learning which gives her hope that we will shape the future and be leaders and not victims of change.

Sharing her vision, Smriti has come up with the ebook, which she has authored from her vast experience of working with Fortune 500 companies over a span of 21 years.  The ebook shares recommendations for business leaders, HR leaders, and most importantly all curious minds that have courage to be potential change agents for the future. 

The ebook, The Past, Present and the Future of Work touches upon topics like minimalism, technology, culture, diversity & inclusion, building personal brand, role of HR, community work, and personal growth. And also connects the past to the future. 

When we asked Smriti what encouraged her to author an ebook on the subject like this, she shared, “I was asked to write an article on the “future of work” for an organization.  I was not sure how anyone could predict the future of anything! I had also not written for a while but once the inertia of putting pen to paper or rather ‘fingers to keyboard disappeared, I started typing and could not stop. I realized I had so much to say!”

She further shares, several lessons emerge from the deep personal impact caused by this rare, global pandemic. While the learnings may play out differently in our personal and professional environment, they share common themes. “I have captured those themes to arrive at ‘not a prediction, but a vision for the future of work’, that takes a holistic view of our personal and professional responsibilities. I believe the two will be even more deeply intertwined in the future,” said Smriti. 

People Matters highly recommends this ebook as it brings a fresh perspective to what we think about the future of work. Smriti in this ebook has gone against the regular perspective of the negative impact of the pandemic and has chosen to focus on the opportunities before us.

To download this ebook, “The past, the present & the future of work – Not a prediction, but a vision for the future” by Smriti Krishna Singh, click here.

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