Article: Extreme ownership focus on strategizing talent transformation

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Extreme ownership focus on strategizing talent transformation

At SAP HR Connect 2021, Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head Marketing, Tech Mahindra, shared his thoughts on the importance of inculcating the essence of ‘Extreme Ownership’ in the organizations to reinvent the talent transformation strategy.
Extreme ownership focus on strategizing talent transformation

Talent strategies are being reinvented in the post-pandemic world as organizations are adapting to the newer ways of working and hiring talent. Amidst the chaos of resilience and innovation, it is time to take ownership of all transformative offices that are fundamental to the rise of any company. But how can that idea be inculcated among the employees?

Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer & Head Marketing, Tech Mahindra, tackled the challenges of the new ways of working in his session and shared his insights on how ‘extreme ownership’ can be the center of all the talent transformations strategies, at SAP HR Connect 2021.

Extreme Ownership - Key to transforming talent strategy from within

Developing talent is key to face the challenges of pandemic and changing notions of the new world of work. Harshvendra emphasized this by sharing, “The facet of Extreme Ownership is such that the whole thought process arises from the fact that during the chaos, there is also an opportunity.” The paradox that the organisations are facing is sitting company costs, investing in growth & grappling with the changing employee expectation, and deciding whether to continue remote working or return to the office. These paradoxes are opportunities for the businesses to understand their employees, to dig deep in their own talent strategies, and assess. This begs the questions:

How can employees whose work environment changed in short cultural space, play a pivotal role? 

How to build resilient and future-ready leadership?

Soin acknowledged this by stating that the opportunities lie clearly in the rise of good working, diversity & inclusivity, the opportunity to risk and reset, surviving, reviving, thriving i.e. taking extreme ownership of the opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

The idea of ‘extreme ownership’ can be inculcated with seven everyday behavior:

  1. Inspirational Leadership
  2. Become Visionaries 
  3. Developing an ownership mindset.
  4. Be a Sponge. 
  5. Discuss culture
  6. Outhustle the competition
  7. Convert pipe transformation offices into outcomes

Building up the talent with Extreme Ownership

Organisations can kick-start their talent development by focussing on three important factors -

  • Building a high-performance culture 
  • Developing a young leadership 
  • Choosing the leaders by merit and data

Soin added that creating dashboards for the properties under automated means can help to get the necessary data, enabling organisations to focus on not just the hot aspects but the soft aspects of employee performance as well. 

Customizing company goals would enable them to set the same yardstick to be measured on the same outcome to be delivered for the employees. Soin noted that though reasonable upskilling requires repurposing, it would be refreshing to utilise the new talent to upskill the existing ones, “we use young leadership by introducing many pros and one was a very interesting program that we got from outside the industry, all people, youngsters, a certain age, outside the industry, helping out blood positive thinkers.”  

HR tech can enable companies to serve their employees with a purpose, as Soin observed that the businesses can organize themselves with Extreme Ownership, and this would be a continuous journey. Whatever the external recognition won’t inspire, one can change it to basic with upskilling. Whether it was a process change or policy change, people change in the prospect scenario and with HR tech, the talent transformation strategies can be hyper-personalized. 

Soin concluded his session by sharing that extreme ownership is about removing that perpetual route, that the journey is about building organisations with purpose. In this new world of work, it's a journey where strategies can be tweaked, creating a culture that is unique and resilient. 

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