Article: Focus on organisation itself: Ross Dawson

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Focus on organisation itself: Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson, The futurist
Focus on organisation itself:  Ross Dawson

The biggest single change in the new generation entering the workforce is in their expectations. They expect to immediately have an opportunity to contribute and be rewarded for their contributions, to have a positive impact on the world and society through their work, and to use enterprise technologies that are as good as consumer technologies.

We will see an increased polarization in how employers are perceived by talented young workers, with some companies being a magnet for the best by recognizing and responding to their expectations, and other companies simply being ignored except by those unable to find better opportunities.

Any strategy for next generation talent must focus on the organization itself. Companies that have effectively positioned themselves for the future will naturally draw in talent. Organizations that are stuck in rigid ways of working and processes will not be able to paint a veneer on top of the reality, and will fail in quest for talent.

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