Article: An empowered workforce is more engaged: Jatinder Peters

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An empowered workforce is more engaged: Jatinder Peters

In conversation with, Jatinder Peters, GM-HR and Head Coordinationn, ONGC about creating a self motivated workforce

HR professionals must be groomed with the thought that they are facilitators and partners in the growth of company


People Matters speaks to Jatinder Peters, GM (HR) and Head (Coordination), ONGC

How has ONGC aligned its HR systems and processes to enable sustainable people development in the organization?
At ONGC, people are at the centre, and HR systems and processes are aligned with the aspirations and developmental needs of the workforce, and provide growth opportunities to employees during their career in the company.
HR processes are on the online SAP system which is integrated with other platforms like finance, materials management etc. Employee claims and requests are processed online through ESS (employee self service) portal, making all processes seamless and employee friendly. The online performance appraisal system enables each employee to set his/her KPIs and performance is reviewed against these KPIs at the end of the year. The transparency of the system has improved employee motivation and engagement levels, making a remarkable shift the in performance level of each employee.
We conceptualized the ONGC song during ONGC’s Golden Jubilee. The song symbolizes ONGC’s mission and vision and is a symbol of our corporate identity. Corporate HR has taken the initiative to attain 100% ISO 9001:2008 certifications for all HR departments across regions. The needs and satisfaction level of employees are assessed at periodic intervals to review policies and processes so that they are customised to satisfy employee needs.

How easy or difficult is it to administer such a change?

Any change must be shared by the workforce. Employees must work towards one common goal and everyone’s KRAs must add up to the organization’s target. Clear communication channels result in excellent sharing of information, ideas and feedback which is mandatory for such a change along with a rational performance-linked rewards and recognition system. Every ONGC employee can log onto the internal portal to access the ONGC Reports and view the latest developments in the company and also submit feedback on issues which need attention of concerned authorities.
HR policies are aimed at enhancing job enrichment to help raise employee morale and motivation. This is an effective tool of employee retention in ONGC.

How do ensure employees are in synch with the changes you are trying to administer?

To assess the pulse of employees, periodic ‘employee engagement survey’ (Anubandhan) and ‘employee motivation survey’ (Abhiprerna) are conducted online through the ‘ONGC Reports’ portal. Analysis and findings of these surveys have yielded highly positive outcomes which stand testimony to the progressive HR Policies adopted and supported by the top management.

What are the core skills that HR professionals must be equipped with, to create a culture of sustainable people development?

HR professionals must be groomed with the thought that they are facilitators and partners in the growth of company. Senior HR professionals are involved in strategic decision making and they in turn ensure that their subordinates’ actions are synchronized with other departments to achieve organizational objectives. They must be people-sensitive and take due care not to push behind the human aspect while implementing HR policies.
There is a need for total transparency in decision making in HR, especially at the policy formulation and implementation stage, and there should be a general climate of trust and empowerment where each and every employee is made to feel special and important for the overall growth of the organization. The idea being an empowered workforce is more engaged and does not require supervision.

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