Article: Leena AI HR Chatbot: Making Coca-Cola Vietnam future-ready

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Leena AI HR Chatbot: Making Coca-Cola Vietnam future-ready

Leena AI’s chatbot not only automated the manual process of managing employee queries and requests at Coca-Cola Vietnam but also uplifted the employee experience at the organization.
Leena AI HR Chatbot: Making Coca-Cola Vietnam future-ready

Coca-Cola Vietnam is a leading Vietnamese employer that has been routinely recognized for its innovative, progressive, and sustainable practices. The organization employs more than 2,300 people at its three plants in the country. However, the lack of a dedicated system to manage the high number of employee queries regarding approval for leave, travel and overtime posed a serious challenge. Leena AI’s HR chatbot not only helped solve this challenge but also positively impacted the organization’s culture. Here’s a look into how the implementation process unfolded and the results it generated: 

The Challenge: Time-consuming and inefficient employee query management mechanism 

The manual process of resolving employee queries meant that the turnaround time in reviewing and approving requests related to leave, travel, and overtime was very high.

Furthermore, as per company policy, approval from the CEO or the Director is required to approve high-value travel requests. As a result, the organization’s senior leaders and HR department had to deal with each employee query and request on an individual basis and the CEO and the director spent a significant time of their day clearing urgent employee requests. Additionally, employees found it difficult to access relevant information regarding organization policies and processes on time. 

The Solution: Leena AI’s chatbot that integrated existing isolated systems 

Leena AI’s intelligent and intuitive chatbot served as a pivot for existing systems of SAP SF, the local attendance systems and organization information. The bot was integrated with Workplace by Facebook, which was already used by Coca-Cola Vietnam; this made the set-up seamless and eliminated the need for training the workforce for using a new application. Furthermore, since the workforce comprised of both blue and white-collar employees, the Leena AI chatbot was made available in two languages—English and Vietnamese—to help encourage higher adoption. The overall personality of the bot was designed keeping the local culture in mind. The chatbot also included a learning module that introduced employees to the organization’s history, story, journey and values. 

The Result: Efficient processes and stronger workplace culture 

Since the employees were able to use the chatbot without any training, they started raising requests from approval right from day one. The chatbot successfully retained more than 70 percent of the users; today, 50 percent of all travel requests and 60 percent of all leave requests are routed through Leena AI’s chatbot. This resulted in a 60 percent reduction in the time and effort that the CEO and the Director were allocating towards granting approvals. Additionally, employees were able to access relevant company information in half the time taken previously. The learning module rejuvenated the workplace culture by increasing awareness about the organization’s rich history and reiterated the company values and vision. 

Alok Saxena, Associate Vice President, says, “Organisations must continuously experiment and fail fast or scale fast to be ahead of the curve. One also needs a good partner who shares the curiosity of solving business problems that were limited by the technology of the past. We found the right partner in Leena AI to collaborate and convert the ideas using the AI-powered Chatbots, into the tangible results for the business.”

By helping Coca-Cola Vietnam automate their employee query management system, Leena AI has not only optimized the process but also supported the HR in becoming future-ready. The case illustrates that with the right tools and approach, intelligent AI-powered technology can help make the workplace more productive and meaningful. 

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