Article: #7 Marriott Hotels India: Caring for Associates

Employee Engagement

#7 Marriott Hotels India: Caring for Associates

Genuine care for employees sets the company apart
#7 Marriott Hotels India: Caring for Associates

Ever since its inception, Marriott Hotels remain grounded in a set of core values – put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity and serve the world. Their relentless focus on innovation and being constantly guided by its founder J.W. Marriott philosophy, “Take care of our associates, the associates will take better care of the customers and the business will take care of itself,” has helped Marriott set the bar for the hospitality industry. Guided by this philosophy, Marriott, more often than not, has gone out of its way to build the skills of its people. Strong commitment to training and development, policy on profit sharing, approachable management and ample opportunities to learn and be recognized, is what makes Marriott a great place to work.

Marriott has human resource expertise with a track record of attracting, training and engaging the best associates. To hire the best of talent, Marriott has put in place a unique talent acquisition and development strategy. The successful ones are put through induction program before being sent to their respective departments. The focus of training is on gaining and maintaining rapport, handling challenging guests, feedback models, and listening skills. Besides the in-house talent development model, Marriott also provides an opportunity to all its managers to gain international exposure by attending various discipline conferences, seminars or workshops. The workplace environment is such that it empowers associates to successfully do their job, making Marriott an attractive workplace.

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