Article: #19 NetApp India: Smart engagements

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#19 NetApp India: Smart engagements

Diverse cultures and traditions yet work as one team
#19 NetApp India: Smart engagements

NetApp is acknowledged for its open, transparent and collaborative culture, which focuses on its core values to inspire employees in all phases of work and life. There is emphasis on creating a common understanding of values and culture among all employees, particularly new employees who join NetApp from outside.

Being a global company, NetApp attempts to create the same experience for all employees across the globe irrespective of the geographies in which its offices are located. Manjunath S. R., Director – HR, NetApp, shares, “Our values and culture allows employees the freedom to express themselves candidly, feel empowered to do things which has a positive impact on the work, participate in decision making, work on state-of-the-art work and innovation, collaborate with people and teams across the globe and getting recognized for their contributions.”

Collaboration at NetApp begins with the welcome program that engages with the industry through a staffing wiki page. Prospective employees who complete summer internships with the company are given the opportunity to interact with senior leadership through the special intern orientation called ‘Meet and Greet Session’. To engage with the existing workforce, NetApp introduced a promotional referral program called ‘Go For the Green’ last year. The program allowed employees to receive a cash bonus for their referrals, and also the opportunity to win cash prizes or various ‘environmentally friendly’ transportation devices, including a smart car, scooter, or bicycle. They also run quarterly employee referral campaigns with exciting prizes like LCD television, iPhone, home theatre systems and company branded goodies.


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