Article: #10 NIIT: Creating excitement at work

Employee Engagement

#10 NIIT: Creating excitement at work

Passion towards work keeps the employees motivated
#10 NIIT: Creating excitement at work

NIIT is People’ has been a part of NIIT’s value and belief since its inception. The fact that people are its key resources has made the organization create an environment where employees can be creative, especially when it comes to delivering value to customers. A performance-driven culture, with a well-defined awards program, wherein achievers and achievements are constantly spotlighted, differentiates NIIT from others. Says Shampi Venkatesh, Chief People Officer, NIIT, “The key differentiator which makes NIIT a great workplace is its constant focus on improving the quality of work-life of its people and its endeavor to contribute back to the society at large.”

Employees feel that NIIT is a great workplace because of its friendly people, good HR policies, supportive bosses, and an open and relaxed atmosphere, which encourages innovation and creativity. It is indeed NIIT’s people who make every day, every moment, fun and exciting to work. The organization has ensured ample opportunity to perform, to do different things and do things differently on a regular basis. NIIT’s people-centric policies and initiatives, work environment which is open, friendly, fun filled with incentives to learn, develop and grow is what makes every NIITian excited to get to work everyday.


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