Article: The 5Cs that will disrupt business

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The 5Cs that will disrupt business

Companies have to mitigate 5 crucial talent risks (the 5Cs) that may threaten the execution of business plans
The 5Cs that will disrupt business

The KPMG Global Talent Risk Survey 2013 reveals that business leaders are most concerned about the insufficient pipeline of future leaders and the lack of depth of internal candidates for critical roles


Performance management has transformed into a tool of compliance rather than actually serving any real talent objective

With the proliferation of multi-generational workforces and increasing competitive pressures across sectors and geographies, talent challenges have subsequently multiplied to the level and scale where business leaders have finally stood up and taken notice. KPMG’s 2012 Business Leaders Survey reveals that one in four leaders globally consider managing and retaining the right people as a critical challenge. If leaders and organizations fail to act on the early warning signals that the current talent landscape is indicating, there may come a time when business corporations may be staring at the face of a severe crisis. It was with this premise that KPMG recently collaborated with a research firm, Brandon Hall Group, to conduct a study among 1,200 human resources (HR), talent and business leaders across 54 countries. KPMG’s Global Talent Risk Survey 2013 attempts to identify the key talent risks, which organizations are facing at the moment and how they might cause business dis...
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