Article: The One Thing #7: Need Long-term Solutions

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The One Thing #7: Need Long-term Solutions

HR will be tested on the grounds of its ability to create and visualize the workforce of the future
The One Thing #7: Need Long-term Solutions

If HR is able to bring in agility to leadership capabilities, the entire workforce will begin to create an impact

You have three geometrically shaped empty boxes in front of you. One is a rectangle, second a triangle and third a square. You need to fill them up. If you act locally (assuming different shaped boxes as different issues in different countries), you might have pulled out a large cardboard and a scissors, cut three different solid shapes as per requirement and filled it in. Now if you decide to act globally, you might figure out creating some sort of fluid, which can be placed in each box and it takes the shape of that container. What have you done here? Created a long term solution (come what may the shape of future boxes) and potentially saved a few millions in cash and a load of time for your efforts. As business has evolved and technological advancements have made communication seamless across the world, availability of information has become extremely easy. You want to know what kind of product can be useful for a particular set of customers in Chicago while sitting in your Chenna...
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