Article: Shift to social media for recruitment


Shift to social media for recruitment

With social media enabling a broader and quicker reach, recruiters are trusting it as the best tool for hiring

Initially designed for the purpose of socializing with friends and family, social media lately is taking a new leap making things easier for the corporate world as well. Apart from marketing, social media has shaped up as an important professional tool for recruitment.

Here are a few major reasons that attract companies to leverage social media for hiring in addition to other conventional ways:


Social media allows companies to do a thorough research on the deserving candidates with minimal cost involved and hence allows even small businesses to indulge in such practices.

Time advantage

Social media has reduced the time involved in reaching out to the right candidates. It also provides a platform to the recruiters to target passive candidates and lure them to their organizations. They can hunt you before you know you are looking for a job.

Huge talent base & targeting

There is an immensely big talent pool available on social media and targeting specific type of candidates has also become easier as there are applications nowadays which screen the candidates automatically on the basis of certain pre-set company parameters.

Integrating marketing with recruitment

Companies also benefit from crowdsourcing recruitment opportunities. For example, on Facebook one can like & share a job post even if he is not applying for that, thereby spreading a word for the company. It helps companies raise their reach and public awareness. More likes & comments on a particular job post means positive branding for the company.

To conclude with, as social media has proved to be rewarding for companies, the traditional recruitment processes have become outdated with the advancements in technology.

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