Article: Accenture: Reengineering Recruitment

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Accenture: Reengineering Recruitment

With manual, effort-intensive TA processes that led to inconsistent candidate experiences, Accenture redesigned its TA value chain with the help of technology and analytics
Accenture: Reengineering Recruitment
Accenture’s Delivery Centers for Technology in India have witnessed exponential growth for nearly a decade now. With the TA team in an overdrive to achieve this growth and hiring a significant number of experienced technology professionals at the lateral/mid-levels every year, Accenture transformed its TA value in order to create hyper-personalized candidate experiences.   Business challenge Accenture’s erstwhile value chain was a combination of processes that had specialized teams to source talent, conduct interest check, schedule interviews, conduct interviews, collect documents etc. Due to such separate processes, the company was putting together a large pipeline of candidates to hire from. While the hiring numbers increased yearly, candidate experience dipped owing to the transactional interactions, effort intensive processes and numerous touchpoints. The business metrics getting impacted were: Candidate Experience: There was a need to improve Accenture’s...
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