Article: Reaching out to talent, the Genpact way

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Reaching out to talent, the Genpact way

Instead of waiting for the right candidate to reach them, Genpact reaches out to talent through mediums they know they frequent; and help them understand the value proposition
Reaching out to talent, the Genpact way
75000 employees. 74 offices in 25 countries. $2.57 bn in revenues. Listed on the NYSE for a decade. And this is what a candidate said when one of our recruiters called her to fix an interview about a year back. “Genpact who?” To be fair, the candidate was based in one of the newer geographies for us and was from a different industry. Yet, this incident wasn’t isolated. We faced varying levels of awareness when speaking with candidates outside of India. In India, the challenge was of a different kind – legacy. For too long, we’d been associated with the term ‘BPO’ and were now having trouble convincing doctors, actuaries, chartered accountants, and techies that they would be doing meaningful work here.  The power of employer branding It is no secret that companies with a strong employer brand have higher revenue growth, lower cost per hire and see an increase in quantity and quality of hire. And yet, few companies make a material investme...

Topics: Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, C-Suite, Strategic HR

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