Article: Growth and talent are directly related

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Growth and talent are directly related

Talent brands will lead to growth, says Himanshu Saxena, VP & Head, Strategic Alignment & Leadership Management, TCS
Growth and talent are directly related

Companies and consumer brands will rely on talent who are able to harness the taste of the customer

There is no ambiguity that in the future business sustenance will be a factor of growth. Companies that will fail to grow will fail to sustain their business. Many successful brands failed to prepare themselves for change in business conditions and new innovations and relied too heavily on their product brands to drive their businesses. While a consumer brand may be the source of revenue and profitability presently, an organization needs to continue its investments in talent who can prepare the brand for the future. The relationship between growth and talent is not too difficult to imagine. Growth and talent are directly related, whether it is growth in numbers or growth in terms of new product and business creation. It would not be unfair to say that the ability of an organization to attract talent will be equally or more important than the ability to attract customers. Growth of the organization is directly proportional to the quality of organizational talent. It is the era of re-i...
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