Article: How to keep Gen Z engaged in the workplace

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How to keep Gen Z engaged in the workplace

In 2017, the oldest lot of Gen Z would be graduating from college and starting work. Are organization ready?
How to keep Gen Z engaged in the workplace

As the last group of Gen Y is settling down into their new job or first job, the time to welcome Gen Z (iGen) has also arrived very short of notice. The Generation Z, termed as the true digital natives are about to graduate and are eagerly looking forward to establishing their careers. Keeping up with the transition from one generation to another is a challenging task, it is critical to study the generation gap and effectively devise methods to overcome the interval. While Generation Z is preparing themselves to face a challenging world ahead, it is also imperative that employers do their homework. It is important that employers begin analyzing the personality traits of the new generation, look into efficient talent management solutions to engage them, align the goals of Gen Z with the company’s strategies, look into what motivates them and establish retention strategies. As the transition is occurring right around the corner, now is the right time to look into how to resourcefully employ the folks of the iGen.

Why is it important to engage Gen Z?

As the definition goes by, Generation Z - born after 1996 and spread across till 2010. Practically, from their inception till today, they have been surrounded by technology and devices. They are extremely dependent on gadgets and machinery, all their activities are grounded by the innovations in IT. They have been brought up in a world of Facebook and Twitter, the way they communicate and portray themselves is very much in contrary to their seniors. Gen Z represents a class where response and delivery must be instantaneous. They are constantly engrossed by the internet and display expertise with the world of cloud computing. They are self-driven and exhibit enormous self-confidence.

With such diversity in their lifestyle and choices, it is very crucial to examine their preferences and get a peek into what they expect from an organization with regard to employment. As the time is ticking and approaching the horizon of hiring Generation Z, it is very important to direct attention towards strategizing talent management solutions and employee engagement tools to emphasize more on the capabilities of Gen Z and turning them into successful business prospects. It is essential to start investing time in preparing and executing techniques to effectively have iGen on board.

How to engage Gen Z?

Below are a few key points that can be considered when dealing with the approaches and methods to effectively engage the iGen.

Building brand awareness

The iGen is very firm on how they want to establish their profession. They are quite mindful about the happenings around the globe and are up to date with all advancements in the world of business. To employ the post-millennials and absorb the best out of them, it is very important to establish a definite brand identity for the company. The Generation Z is constantly involved in different activities and carries a mastery over multitasking; as a result, they have very short attention spans. In this limited time frame, it is essential to grab their complete focus. Establishing a strong brand identity affirms Gen Z of the trust and reliability the company offers.

Increasing visibility

Nowadays, a lot of top companies are offering internship programs and workshops at colleges and schools to briefly expose the novel generation to the organization’s business practices. Through this, companies give a preview into what’s in store and help them in unmasking the real deal behind on the job experience. Companies need to actively take part in events, online blogs and discussions to increase their visibility among the inquisitive college goers and use this as a platform to promote their USPs (Unique selling points).

Creating personalized experiences

It is important to keep in mind that the Generation Z portrays a mixed bunch of personalities. Not all carry the same intentions and passion. Generalist approaches cannot be taken to engage them, experiences must be personalized and talent management solutions need to be tailored to suit the new generation.

Providing a work-life balance

For Gen Z time management is fundamental as they always carry a plate full of things to do. They are constantly being impacted by the changing trends in technology and needless to say, the influence advertising has on them is a win-win situation. They are pushed to always being engaged and preoccupied. The need to satisfy their increasing demands intensifies their desire to have a taste of everything, be it a new product or a new service offered, they want to try everything and improve their knowledge about it to stay up to date. This establishes a necessity for them to constantly maintain a work-life balance, where they are given the freedom to work as well as have time for personal undertakings or extra activities.

Adapt to a contingent work environment

Generation Z prioritizes the need to invest more time in themselves and in their personal requirements. This is one of the key reasons why Gen Z is said to be inclined towards the gig economy. If they aren’t happy and unable to find ample time for themselves in a job, they switch to the next or opt for freelancing so they can work at their convenience. To engage Gen Z in the work environment, it is important to give them the flexibility to maintain good work and personal life balance. Traditional practices of clocking 9.5 hours on the attendance records must be reformed.

Encourage iGen to experiment and learn for themselves 

Generation Z is highly self-motivated, they would not require constant monitoring. They will need the liberty to experiment and try out new things. They need their own time to think and implement the work. For them, good talent management solutions imply freedom to think creatively and providing them enough room to work under their own suitable conditions.

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