Article: Infographic: Perfect Resume of a Talent Acquisition Head

Talent Acquisition

Infographic: Perfect Resume of a Talent Acquisition Head

As business evolves, and hiring talent becomes tougher, the role of TA Head in any organization becomes crucial. Here is a cheat sheet on what it takes to become the head of the TA function.
Infographic: Perfect Resume of a Talent Acquisition Head

What does it take to become the TA Head in the new age of hiring?

Talent acquisition has always been a crucial function for organizations, as this department is majorly responsible for brining in the right talent and capabilities for business success. But in the last few years, it has become even more critical. The world of work is changing quite rapidly and digital disruptions are continusouly impacting the skillsets in demand. 

Companies are competing for the same scarce talent. In this tigh labor market, how companies attract, source, assess, hire and onboard talent is crucial. Besides the scarcity of talent, there are many other trends shaping the talent acquisiotion landscape. For instance, hiring can no longer be confined to limited geography in this talent-hungry job market. Further, the rise of social media and the increased focus on diversity are also impacting how businesses hire today. 

In this world of new age hiring, the role of TA Head also becomes critical. Companies are today looking for TA leaders who can play a strategic role for their business. As businesses look out for these strategic leaders, People Matters in light of its June theme, 'New Age Talent Acquistion', analyzes how an ideal resume of TA Head looks like.

In your entire career in the TA function, you might have spent time reviewing hundreds, or even thousands, of resumes. However, writing your resume is always a daunting task. 

While there is no single template to a great resume, People Matters in collaboration with Kunal Sen, Managing Director, India, RPO and Professional Search at Korn Ferry and Vinod Subramanian, Chief Operations Officer at FlexAbility (RPO Initiative of ABC Consultants) brings you the recipe of the “Perfect Resume for a TA Head.”

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