Article: Mis-hires eroding your global business?

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Mis-hires eroding your global business?

Digital Video Interviews is the solution you must seek
Mis-hires eroding your global business?

In an effort to expand businesses/leverage the low cost advantage/ availability for quality talent, many foreign companies establish offices overseas. Finding top talent that is retentive and more importantly, that matches the cultural aspect of the company is a very daunting task. Hence, recruiting processes become very important for the success of these initiatives.

When hiring in a new geography, especially when the senior management team is located elsewhere, curating the recruitment process becomes imperative. In order to deem the candidate competent, many companies even fly candidates down to the home location. International companies like Uber have faced severe repercussions on a global scale for a wrong hire in India.

A common solution to such gaps is to centralize the recruiting process. With the existing process you will have to adjust time zones to interview the candidates; it is more difficult than easy to find solutions on this front. Automate the initial screening process using video interviews, this has proven to be instrumental in solving a large portion of the global hiring problem.

Global companies have been opting in for Asynchronous interviews that help companies establish a ground for multiple-panel reviews in initial stages in-spite of being spread across different time zones.

Live interviews help to auto-schedule interviews and let candidate and panel join in from the device and location of their choice. Many video interview platforms offer what simple video conferencing platforms don't - conducting online written assessments for candidates and collating them for review for a simpler and hassle-free screening. Video logs of written assessments and recorded video interviews allow companies to seamlessly keep track of recruitment across geographies for HR audits - all centralized and documented. They also offer hiring analytics that generate data points in the interview, which is used to improve candidate application filtering.

Change is good and when the change involves updating HR technologies - it must be embraced. The benefits of automating hiring with Video Interview platforms are manifold.

Video Interviews has proven to

  1. Reduce human error
  2. Reduce time-to-hire
  3. Reduce fraudulent interviews and repeats
  4. Save money spent on scheduling and travelling
  5. Offer quality candidates without much hassle
  6. Aid easy governance with process documentation
  7. Offer insights into candidate selection patterns with hiring analytics

To conclude, global hiring is a fairly difficult process to get done with in haste, but manually presiding over individual interviews from initial stages is easier said than done. Intelligent video interview platforms have been helping various global companies to simplify hiring.


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