Article: Quantitatively driven HR: Varun Aggarwal


Quantitatively driven HR: Varun Aggarwal

Varun Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CTO, Aspiring Minds
Quantitatively driven HR: Varun Aggarwal

Technology in the HR space started more as building an information system, both internal and external, which eventually moved into social networking especially in terms of sourcing. But the challenge is to integrate HR and recruitment which in most organizations are still perceived as separate departments. There is an increasing emphasis on analytics and quantitatively driven HR.

There are various players in HR technology space, with different functions. Some players are involved in IT and sourcing technology like job portals and social networks. Then there are those who drive technology for information systems inside corporates. The third category is of those who are doing assessments, performance management and are driving analytics.

When it comes to choosing a vendor for these services, integrity and trust would be the prime concern of any organization. Secondly, they would look for ease of operations and thirdly for objectivity. The overall approach has to be more outcome-driven. The best part is that the ROI on these investments can be measure in a number of ways. In our case, we do benchmarking of an organization’s current employees and ensure that our assessment would help them filter non-performers and the ROI calculation on this can be easily done. Thought it takes time to show the ROI as the process is such, companies are willing to invest that kind of time which is a positive approach.

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