Article: Talent Acquisition: Ahead of the game

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Talent Acquisition: Ahead of the game

A compilation of the innovative recruitment strategies of the winners of the People Matters Talent Acquisition League Awards 2017, this special feature double-clicks on the painstakingly designed talent acquisition practices that winning organizations have employed to accelerate their talent acquisition efforts and improve outcomes
Talent Acquisition: Ahead of the game
From improving talent quality, building trust among stakeholders involved in talent acquisition, to driving business impact, the talent acquisition function does more than just filling positions — today, the TA function creates comprehensive talent solutions for an organization.  In an endeavor to delve deeper into the diverse and critical aspects of talent acquisition, People Matters organized the Talent Acquisition League Annual Conference 2017 that brought together more than 400 HR Heads, CHROs and TA experts from around the world to share their insights and best practices in talent acquisition.  In this special feature, we look at some of the seminal talent interventions brought about by the organizations that won the Talent Acquisition League Awards 2017 in the key categories — candidate experience, diversity, employer branding, recruitment reengineering and social hiring.  The TA League Awards saw more than 300 applications for the five award categor...
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