Article: How RPG Group became the first company to integrate Skillsoft Percipio with Success Factors

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How RPG Group became the first company to integrate Skillsoft Percipio with Success Factors

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Here’s how the Company successfully managed to integrate its SuccessFactors platform with Skillsoft’s Percipio to increase the reach and impact of its learning initiatives.
How RPG Group became the first company to integrate Skillsoft Percipio with Success Factors

When employees at the RPG Group took up learning online, it previously took them about eight to nine clicks to reach their learning course which led to a poor learning experience.

The Group’s companies were also navigating other emerging challenges in learning:

  • The intake of new candidates was 70 percent Millennial, most of whom preferred quality content and a great learning interface. 
  • The Company was also exploring alternate modes of learning, including an increase in blended learning programs.
  • There was a need for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning enablement. 

To combat these challenges, over six months, the Company moved towards creating a multi-level digital academy, primarily using Skillsoft’s resources. 

“The effort was to move to a cloud-enabled technology that would enhance digital access for learning,” said Syed Azfar Hussain, Group Head – Organization and Talent Development, RPG Group. While the focus on behavioral skills required both practice and feedback from an instructor, most software-related skills could be learned through self-study. 

“Our goal was to give an opportunity to each and every employee to explore an opportunity to reskill themselves,” said Mahesh Padala, General Manager and Head, L& OD, KEC International. 

Going beyond content

With the rise of a Millennial workforce, the needs of the learner and the appeal of the learning solution was important. With this in mind, one of the companies in the Group piloted a diagnostic test on the talent maturity framework in partnership with Skillsoft; the result showed that ‘end-user experience’ was a key priority area, apart from ‘talent ownership’. 

“We found that people are not just looking for content, but they’re also looking at the way it is served,” Azfar added. 

As a learning experience platform, Percipio (Skillsoft’s learning platform) integrated a range of learning resources, including TEDx talks, YouTube, etc., “Percipio was the closest to a one-stop-shop learning solution that is personalized, and curated,” Mahesh said. 

The platform also offered different channels to read, listen, watch, play, and practice. Employees also had access to different formats of learning from books, e-books, audio summaries, and audiobooks. “Earlier, I couldn’t just watch a standalone video; I had to do a course. But now, I can watch the video separately, and I can also work on the course,” he added. The intent and experience is the reason the Company engaged with Percipio, the leaders said.

The integration and its impact

While the Company shortlisted a learning experience platform, they also had to deal with a new challenge – integrating the platform to the LMS and Talent Management software, SuccessFactors. While previously, access to digital learning was routed through SuccessFactors, the experience was not seamless. To bridge the gap, a team of professionals from RPG Group, Skillsoft India & US, and SAP were tasked with the job of integrating the LXP and LMS/ TM. 

“We’ve come down from eight to nine clicks to a single click,” Mahesh said. 

Now, when employees complete a course on Percipio (Skillsoft’s learning platform), the course is automatically added to the learning history of the employee in SuccessFactors. The impact of this integration was immediate. The rate of adoption across the Group improved over 400 percent. “There are close to 8500 employees who have adopted Percipio since the month of September,” Azfar said.

“The credit goes to the learning and technical teams at RPG as well as the technical teams of both Percipio and Success factors,” Azfar said. “Their ability to build the connectivity has helped drive adoption” Speaking of the success of the initiative, Azfar noted that the “customer-centricity” was critical to a project of this scale. Instead of selling a stand offering, the willingness of the partners to go beyond a standard offering was critical. 

For a conglomerate, the size of the RPG group, a number of things had to fall in place. “The focus on change management, collaboration, and communication – right from leadership onwards was needed to ensure that the whole exercise was successful,” Mahesh said. 


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