Article: Is 2022 going to be the game changer for the gig workers?

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Is 2022 going to be the game changer for the gig workers?

For an episode of People Matters Podcast series, Cohire's Vineet Arya and Awign's Gurpreet Singh came together to share with our audience the prospect for the gig workers in 2022.
Is 2022 going to be the game changer for the gig workers?

"2022 is going to be the game-changer for the gig industry," said Vineet Arya, Founder of Cohire, while Gurpreet Singh, Co-Founder of Awign agreed.

Gurpreet noted that for the med-senior and associate levels, most of the companies seek white-collar gig workers for the roles around sales, data science and marketing. On the other hand, Vineet, who specializes in offering gig CXOs to clients for a brief period, highlights that businesses seek gig CXOs as experts when they need a mentor to solve a problem. He noted that as finding a gig CXO with more than a decade of experience may look like a challenge, for brief periods, companies rely on the gig ones. Though the model is yet to penetrate fully into the Indian market, the pandemic has seemingly given it a nudge.

elaborating on the management of the gig workforce, Gurpreet said that even though the businesses have shown inclination towards the gig workers over the last two years, the Indian market lags with the right set of tools to manage them. On the other hand, as CXOs come with a set of long span of experience, they are self-managing and thus, management hasn't yet come on the way. 

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